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Introduction to Adjusted Body Weight Calculator

Nowadays, people want to adjust their weight according to height and age. But some people do not know how much weight is necessary for them. Some want to lose weight, and some want to gain weight. Body weight is very important for your health and fitness.

We introduce an adjusted body weight calculator that helps you to calculate your ideal and adjusted body weight according to your height and current weight. After measuring the weight through this online tool, you will make the decision that you need to gain weight or lose weight.

Why use Body Weight Online Calculator?

Many online weight measuring tools exist, but the world's best tool is an adjusted body weight calculator available only on "calculatores." This calculator provides you with 100% authentic weight according to your height. You can access the tool anytime at any place and calculate your ideal weight.

You do not need to worry about the wrong output. The developers tested the tool many times and then lived for you. Everyone should know their exact body weight and adjust their weight to fitness and live a healthy life.

How to use the Online Ideal Body Weight calculator?

The use of the tool is very easy and simple. But before the calculation, you should measure your current weight and height. Then you will be able to get an adjusted body weight.

Some points are given below to help you to use the IBW & ABW calculator.

  • Open the adjusting body weight calculator.
  • Select your gender.
  • Input the data (current height and weight).
  • Now click on the calculate button.
  • It executes the values.
  • After a few seconds, the results will show on the screen.

Suppose you want to re-calculate your ideal body weight online. Click on the calculate again button, and it will reload the calculator.

Understanding the Formula of the Adjust Weight Calculator

The formula is very simple. You can easily understand the formula.

Adjusted Body Weight Formula

Adjusted body weight = IBW + 0.4 * (ABW - IBW)
ABW = Actual Body Weight.
IBW = Ideal Body Weight.

Ideal Weight formula

For men : 52 kg + 2.28 kg per every inch over 5 feet

For women: 49 kg + 2.04 kg per every inch over 5 feet


A boy has 5.4 ft. height and 48 Kg weight. Find the ideal body weight and adjust body weight.


Height = 5.4 ft.
Weight = 48 kg
Ideal body weight = 52 kg + 2.28 kg per every inch over 5 feet
Ideal body weight = 52 + 2.28 (4)
Ideal body weight = 61.12 kg
Adjusted body weight = IBW + 0.4 (ABW - IBW)
Adjusted body weight = 61.12 + 0.4 (48 – 61.12)
Adjusted body weight = 61.12 + 0.4 (13.12)
Adjusted body weight = 61.12 + 5.248
Adjusted body weight = 66.368 kg

Advantages of the Adjusted Body Weight Calculator

The online weight tool is very beneficial for people. Some of the advantages are given below

  • The calculator is very helpful for the professional dietitian.
  • It helps you to adjust your weight for fitness and good looks.
  • It provides you with accurate weight.
  • It saves your money from premium weight calculators.
  • You can access it at any time.
  • It gives you the ideal body weight and adjusts body weight.


Can this calculator use both males and females?

Yes! Both (males and females) can use the adjusted body weight calculator and calculate the weight by giving the inputs.

What is the difference between Ideal body weight and adjusted body weight?

Ideal Body weight is the maximum weight you need, and adjusted body weight is the minimum weight you should have in the body according to your height and gender.

How can I lose weight if weight is higher than output?

You can control your weight if you avoid the fat in your meal and exercise daily.

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