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Introduction to Angular Acceleration Calculator

The object rotated or moved around a circle is called angular acceleration. The continuous rotate movement of the object is angular velocity. It can be measured as the moving time around a circle.

A lot of online tools are available for calculation. But the best online tool is the angular acceleration calculator. It helps you to calculate the angular acceleration online without any hesitation. It is available on the website “calculatores.”

Why use the Angular acceleration online calculator?

The online angular acceleration tool provides 100% accurate results. Suppose you calculate the angular acceleration by manual method. It enhances the chance of mistakes, and you get the wrong calculations.

That is why this online tool is best for you to calculate acceleration. The developers of the tool set the built-in formula in the backend that calculates the values automatically and provides results within a few seconds. It is similar to a wheel torque calculator.

How to Use a Rotary Motion Calculator?

It is very easy to use. Before starting the calculation, you need some knowledge about the methods of the calculator. The angular converter has two methods.

1) Angular velocity difference

2)Tangential acceleration & radius

The input is the difference in both methods. You should have some data like (initial velocity, final velocity, and time) or (Tangential acceleration (m/s2) and radius (m) ), then you will be able to calculate the acceleration. A few points are given that help you use the tool.

  • Open the constant angular acceleration calculator.
  • Select the method to calculate the circular motion.
  • Input the values (initial velocity, final velocity, and time).
  • Now click on the calculate button.
  • It executes the values and provides you with the results within a few seconds.

If you want to reuse the tool or use the second method, click on the button calculate again. It will reload the calculator.

Understand the Angular Acceleration Formula

The formula of angular acceleration is very simple. After understanding the formula, you can calculate the acceleration by manual method.

Formulas of both methods

Angular velocity difference formula

α = (ω₂ - ω₁) / t

α is the angular acceleration

ω₁ is the initial angular velocity

ω₂ is the final angular velocity

t is the time of change of angular velocity

Tangential acceleration & radius formula

α = a / R

a is the tangential acceleration

R is the radius of the circle (or the distance from an axis of

Example # 1

An object starts rotation with angular velocity 4 rad/s and attained a angular velocity 20 rad/s in 5 sec. Calculate the angular acceleration through Angular velocity difference.


ω₁ = 20 rad/s
ω₂ = 4 rad/s
t = 5 sec
α = (ω₂ - ω₁) / t
α = (20 - 4) / 5
α = 16 / 5
α = 3.2

Example # 2

A truck rounding a turn with a radius of 50 m is traveling 25 m/s. Calculate the angular acceleration to tangential acceleration & radius.


a = 50
R = 25
α = a / R
α = 50 / 25
α = 2

Advantages of the Average Angular Acceleration Calculator

The online angular converter is very beneficial for its users. There are a few advantages given below.

  • The online calculator saves your money from premium tools.
  • It saves your time because the execution speed of the tool is very fast.
  • It is accessible at any place all over the world.
  • You can use it unlimited as your own choice.


Is it a reliable online calculator?

Yes! It is a reliable online angular acceleration measuring tool. You can trust its results. The algorithm of the tool is 100% accurate and tested.

How long is it free of cost?

It is free of cost for a lifetime. You can access it anytime you need.

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