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Introduction to Ball Surface Area Calculator

A sphere surface calculator is an online tool that can calculate the area of a ball's surface. It uses the formula of a sphere area to calculate the size of a ball shape. Ball surface calculator takes the radius of the ball from the user and estimates its tool area.

In geometry, the formula for the area of a different shape is essential to find the total space occupied by that surface. The sphere or a ball is a circle in three dimensions, so the formula to calculate area in 2D and 3D is different. But many students use the wrong formula. So we introduce a tool that can help you use the correct procedure for the sphere area.

The formula used by Surface Area Calculator

The area of a ball's surface refers to the space occupied by the ball. The ball is a circle shaped in three dimensions. The circle in three dimensions is called a sphere. The area of a ball surface can be calculated the same way as the area of the sphere is calculated.

The area calculator uses the following formula to calculate sphere area;

$$ A \;=\; 4πr^2 $$

Where, r is the radius of the sphere.

For example if a ball has radius 5cm, then by using the above formula the area of that ball will be 314cm2.

How to use the Diameter to Surface Area of Ball Calculator?

A simple and easy way to solve a math problem is to do it step-by-step. So follow these steps to use the sphere calculator;

  1. In the first step, enter the sphere's radius in the "Radius (r)" box.
  2. You can also use your load example option to select the random value of radius.
  3. Click on the calculate button.

Ball surface area calculator enables you to get the total area of the ball within a minute of clicking the calculate button.

Why use the Sphere Surface Area Calculator?

In geometry, the surface area is essential to calculate the total space occupied by the sphere or a ball. On the other hand, in chemistry, the surface area is necessary because the more significant the surface area, the greater the rate of the chemical reaction. According to the importance of the surface area, you need to use a tool that can calculate the surface area more efficiently than manually.

The surface area calculator sphere is made to evaluate the area of the globe without any hurdle so that you can use it professionally and for educational purposes easily. That's you need to use the sphere area calculator.

Benefits of using Surface Area Calculator with Steps

A digit tool can be faster than the manual hand, which is more efficient. Such a tool can make your calculation and understanding of different math terms easy. Some other benefits are:

  • Surface area of a sphere calculator is a free online tool that can be used anytime and anywhere without paying.
  • It does not demand to sign up for an account to use it.
  • Ball calculator can save you from manual calculations.
  • You can use it for professional use and also for educational use.
  • Ball surface area calculator is easy to use because you only have to enter the radius value.
  • It provides you with an easy and fast solution to any geometrical problems.


What is the surface area of a ball?

The surface area of a ball is the space occupied by the ball in three dimensions.

What is the formula to find surface area?

The formula of the surface area is denoted by A and is written as:

$$ A \;=\; 4πr^2 $$

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