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How much does Hydroseeding cost? 5 things you should know


Hydroseeding is a seed spreading process that is used to grow grass on land. To spread this on land, firstly seed, mud, fertilizers and water are mixed to make a mixture. A truck is used to throw this mixture on the land where you want to increase the greenery.

It is a lengthy process that raises the question “How much does hydroseeding cost?”. In this article, you will learn the importance of hydroseeding along with its cost and how to calculate hydroseeding cost. So let’s start.

How much does Hydroseeding cost?

Hydroseeding costs measure in square feet or acre. First, measure your garden or land where you want hydroseeding, then calculate it with the square feet rate.

The cost of Hydroseeding is 0.21 USD to 0.27 USD per square feet. If your land is not good and needs to be repaired, then your cost will increase according to the repair cost.

Mostly the lawn size is under 5500 USD to 9000 USD square feet. And the cost of hydroseeding of that land is 1400 USD to 2500 USD.

You can increase or decrease your cost according to the quality of the mixture. There are a lot of qualities of seeds and fertilizers.

If you have a low budget, you do not need to worry. You can select common quality seeds and fertilizer for Hydroseeding. But the low budget hydroseeding quality is not the same as a high quality seeding.

The buyer should know about the seeds and mulch. He should determine the quality of the seeds and mulch and then deal with the hydroseeding’s dealer.

Formula to calculate the Hydroseeding Cost

The Formula is very easy to understand. You can calculate the hydroseeding cost with the help of the hydroseeding formula and online hydroseeding cost calculator.



TA = Total Acre

CPA = Cost of Per Acre

The Importance of Hydroseeding

Nowadays, Hydroseeding is very common because it enhances the beauty of the land. In some countries, Hydroseeding is used on the corners of the roads to increase greenery. Some essential points are given below of hydroseeding

  • Improving Land & stopping erosion
  • With the help of Hydroseeding, your Land will look beautiful and more attractive. Hydroseeding also saves your Land from erosion.

  • Low Cost
  • Hydroseeding is cheaper than planting. And it grows the grass for greenery within a week.

  • Avoid dust pollution
  • The Hydroseeding process saves you from the dust pollution. It cleans the environment with grass. Where there is dusty Land, you should spread down seeds there through the hydroseeding process and grow the grass. Then you will prevent dust.

  • Making new parks for greenery

The vast empty Land is filled with dust. You must use Hydroseeding there and grow the grass. The first thing is that it will change your environment through greenery, and another thing is that you will use that land for playing or spending your free time with friends.


How much time is required to finish the hydroseeding work?

The time of hydroseeding work depends on your land size. If you have a standard-size lawn, it will take 6 to 7 hours to finish work.

How soon should we water after Hydroseeding?

The mixture of seeding already has a lot of water, so you do not need to spread water on it for several weeks.

What is the cost of Hydroseeding?

The cost of Hydroseeding is 0.21 USD to 0.27 USD per square feet.

Which is the best way for hydroseeding (seeding by yourself or a hydroseeding company)?

The best way for seeding is the hydroseeding company because they have their mixer truck and all equipment used in hydroseeding.