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Introduction to clock angle calculator

A clock angle calculator with seconds is an online tool that can calculate the angle between the minute and hour arm of the clock. It uses the angle from minute to hour hand and the hour-to minute hand formula to calculate grades. Clock degrees calculator calculates the angle between the arms of a clock by taking time as input from the user.

The clock angle concept is an exciting concept that can make geometry easy for most students. So we introduce angle between hour and minute hand calculator that can make the concepts of angles more interesting for students.

The formula used by clock hand angle calculator

The term clock angle calculator refers to the angle between the hour and minute hand of a clock. The angle clock calculator uses the following formulas to calculate the angle between the clock arms.

angle form to hour hand is = hours × 30 - (minutes - 5.5)


30o = is the angle between two consecutive arms

5.5o = is the angle between 2 minutes

angle from hour to min is=360-angle from min to hours hand

Where 360 is the total angle of the clock.

  • The formula to calculate angle from minute to hour hand is;
  • The formula to calculate angle from hour to minute is:

How to calculate the clock angle of 3:20?

You can calculate clock angle between hour 3 and minutes 20 with angle of clock hands calculator as:

$$ hour \;=\; 30^o \;×\; 3\; =\; 90^o $$

Since the angle between hours is 30 degrees.


$$ minutes \;=\; 5.5 \;×\; 20 \;=\; 110^o $$

So the angle from minutes to hours is:

$$ angle \;from \;minutes \;to \;hour \;=\; 110 \;-\; 90 \;=\; 20^o $$

How to use angle between clock hands calculator?

This minute of angle calculator makes it easy to calculate the angle between clock arms. You need to follow the given steps:

  1. Enter the number of hours in the "Hours" box in the first step.
  2. Enter the number of minutes in the "minutes" box.
  3. Click on the calculate button.
  4. You can also try the load example button to select a random time.

Clock hands angle calculator will show step-by-step solution within a few seconds of clicking on the calculate button.

Why use Hour Angle Calculator?

A digital tool is more beneficial than solving problems by hand. The clock hand angle calculator is made to evaluate the issues related to clock angles. It can make the concept of angle easier than the other methods, like finding the angle using the sides of the triangle. It is the smart way to use such an online tool.

The clock angle calculation is an essential concept in understanding geometry. It is the basics of mathematics. But when you are calculating it manually, there are a lot of chances of error. Many students got confused while calculating the angle from minutes to hours and vice versa. So it would be helpful for you if you use the clock hands calculator.

Benefits of using Clock Arm Angle Calculator

Calculatores offers you a fantastic tool that can solve the given problem in such a way that is helpful for students and mathematicians. You can get many other benefits by using a clock angle calculator. Some of these are:

  • You can save time and energy by doing manual calculations.
  • It provides you with a step-by-step solution to calculate angle between clock hands and make it understandable for you.
  • Angle of clock hands calculator is a free online tool, so you can use it without paying anything.
  • Clock calculator does not demand you to sign up for an account on its Website or complete any offer to solve clock angle problem.
  • You can use a clock hands calculator for educational purposes because it allows you to practise using its load example option with many examples.

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What are the degrees on a clock?

Since the clock is of a circle shape so there are 360 degrees on a clock.

What is the angle between 1 and 3 hours?

The angle of an hour is about 30 degrees. So the angle between 1 and 3rd hour is 30+30=60 degrees.

Is angle formed by clock hands calculator accurate?

Yes, clock time to degrees calculator is accurate and efficient. It provides you step by step results instantly.

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