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Introduction to Cross Section Calculator

When a three-dimensional shape is intersected by a plane, the cross-section is formed, which is a 2-dimensional shape. For example, the cross-section of a cylinder is a circle. The cross-sectional area calculator online calculates the area of this 2-dimensional shape easily.

In geometry, the cross-sectional area of 3D shapes is very important. Because it helps to determine many other physical properties of solid shapes; for example, it helps to find how the water will move in a particular cross section of pipe. So, we introduce a tool that helps you to calculate cross-section of different shapes.

Formula to Calculate Cross Section in Cross Section Estimator

The cross section is a 2D shape formed when a three-dimensional shape is intersected by a plane. For example, if a sphere is cut in the middle, a circle will be formed.

The formula of a cross section is the total area of any shape. For example the cross section of different shape are:

  1. Hollow Rectangle:
  2. $$ cross \;section \;=\; (H \;×\; W) \;-\; \{(W \;-\; 2t_1 ) \;×\; (W \;-\;2t_2 ) \} $$
  3. Rectangle:
  4. $$ cross \;section \;=\; W \;×\; H $$
  5. I Section:
  6. $$ cross \;section \;=\; 2 \;×\; W \;×\; t_1 \;+\; (H \;-\; 2t_1 ) \;× t_2 $$
  7. T Section:
  8. $$ cross \;section \;=\; W \;×\; t_1 \;+\; (H \;-\; t_1 ) \;× t_2 $$
  9. L Section:
  10. $$ cross \;section \;=\; W \;×\; t \;+\; (H \;-\; t) \;×\; t $$ $$ Isosceles \;Triangle: \;cross \;section \;=\; 0.5 \;×\; B \;×\; H $$
  11. Equilateral Triangle:
  12. $$ cross \;section \;=\; 0.4330 \;×\; L^2 $$
  13. Circle:
  14. $$ cross \;section \;=\; 0.25 \;×\; π \;×\; D^2 $$
  15. Tube:
  16. $$ cross \;section \;=\; 0.25 \;×\; π \;×\; (D^2 \;-\; (D \;-\; 2 \;×\; t^2 )) $$

These formulas are used in the cross section of the circle calculator to calculate the area of the cross section of any shape. You can select any of them.

Why use Cross Section Calculus Calculator?

In geometry, the cross-section of a shape is an important concept that helps the students to relate three-dimensional shapes to two-dimensional shapes. They may be able to understand how the intersection of a 3D shape can form a 2D shape. Also, it has many applications in our daily life, such as how the fluid varies with the change in the cross-sectional area of a pipe.

While manually calculating a shape's cross-section, the students may get confused with the formula. It is because different formulas of the cross-section are used for different shapes. Therefore, it would be helpful for you to use this cross section calculator.

How to use Cross Sectional Calculator Calculus?

It is easy to calculate the cross-section of any shape by using this tool instead of calculating it by hand. You need only to follow some simple steps to calculate the cross-section. These steps are:

  1. In step one, use a special section to calculate any shape's cross-section.
  2. Input the values according to the shape. (For example, input diameter for a circle)
  3. Click on the calculate button.

The cross-section of any shape will be calculated after clicking the calculate button.

Benefits of using Cross-Sectional Area Calculator Online

The cross sectional area is an important concept in mathematics and physics because the calculations of the cross-sectional area help determine many physical quantities such as velocity and pressure. Therefore, it has many implementations in our daily life. Using our cross section calculator, it can be easy to calculate the cross-sectional area. It is because there are many benefits of using a cross-sectional calculator. These are:

  • It is easy to use because you can solve any problem with a click.
  • There is no requirement to create an account to use it.
  • It doesn't demand any fee because we offer this tool free to use for students.
  • You don't need to remember any cross-sectional formula.
  • It is reliable because you can trust its results.


How to find a Cross Sectional Area Calculator?

Search online for calculatores. There will be a list of different tools on this web page. Select the cross section calculator.

Is the cross section calculator with steps reliable?

Yes, it is reliable because it provides you easy and accurate results.

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