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Introduction to Cylinder Volume Calculator

The online available volume of cylinder calculator is a tool for finding the quantity that could be contained within the cylinder. It is used to calculate the volume of any cylindrical-shaped body.

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The volume of a cylinder is calculated by putting its diameter/radius and height into the cylinder volume formula. The volume of the cylinder is necessary to calculate when we need to identify how much quantity a cylinder-shaped body can hold.

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Cylinder Volume Calculator

The volume of an oblique cylinder calculator is a tool that helps you calculate cylinder volume in no time. This online tool is the best option to determine the capacity of any cylindrical item.

Manually calculating the volume of a cylinder is challenging due to the lengthy computations involved. This calculator takes the user's input and provides the volume in just a single click.

According to the volume of the cylinder formula, the cylinder's volume is calculated by having its radius and height. However, using this tool you can find the volume by inputting the values of radius and lateral area or height and lateral area.

Cylinder Volume Formula

The cylinder volume formula is a mathematical equation that uses the height and radius of a cylinder to figure out its volume. Simply, if the radius and height of a cylinder are given, you can determine its volume with the help of the cylinder volume formula.

As a result, the volume is dependent on the r and h of the cylinder. So, in order to get the volume, put r and h into the cylinder volume formula and calculate. The formula for cylinder volume calculations is given as V = πr2h for calculation with radius.

And V = πd2/4h when the diameter is provided for volume determination. In the equations above the radius is given as r, the height as h, whereas the d represents the diameter and π is the constant for pie having the value 3.14.

How to find the volume of a cylinder?

To find the volume of a cylinder you will need to put the values of the cylinder’s height and radius into the cylinder volume formula and proceed with the calculations. According to the cylinder volume calculator in terms of pi, the value of pie (3.14) is multiplied by the squared radius multiplied by the height of the cylinder.

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In such cases where the diameter of the cylinder is provided instead of the radius simply divide the “d” with 2 and then perform the calculations according to the cylinder volume formula.

For instance, if the height of the cylinder is given 10 cm and the radius is 4 cm then we can calculate the volume of the cylinder as V = 3.14 x 42 x 10 = 502.4 cm3

How to Use Cylinder Volume Calculator

If you need to determine how much quantity your gas cylinder or water tank can hold you have to find its volume. The cylinder volume calculator is effective for finding the volume of a cylinder.

To use this cylinder volume calculator online for volume calculation you only need to know the radius and height of the cylinder. The following steps will guide you to find the volume of a cylinder.

Choose Calculation

The first thing you should do in order to use an online calculator for cylinder volume determination is to choose what calculations you need to perform. This tool enables you to obtain desired outputs that are tailored to your specific inputs.

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Give Inputs

As a second step, it's time to enter the information from your cylinder into this volume of an oblique cylinder calculator. Therefore, input the required values in the calculator based on the settings you chose in the first step.


Enter the value of the cylinder’s radius or height as per the selected calculations into the calculator.


In a similar manner, input the value of the height or lateral area into the calculator as well.


The value for pie is a constant value and is always the same for all mathematical calculations. And therefore, you don't need to enter it, the pie value has already been input into the calculator.

Select Outputs

Now choose in what units and in how many sig figs you want to receive your output from the volume of cylinder calculator.


It is necessary to pick the unit in which you want to get your findings. The cylinder volume calculator gives you the choice to get results in either metres, centimetres, millimetres, yards, feet, or inches.

Significant Figures

You may also change the number of significant digits that appear in the output. As a result, pick the appropriate number of sig figs from the drop-down list, which ranges from 3 to 9. Furthermore, for the conventional results, you may pick the "auto" option from the drop-down menu.


After you have double-checked your chosen settings and input values, just click on the calculate button present beneath the input field. It will give you the findings as well as the processes that were done in order to compute the volume of a cylinder.

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