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Introduction to Distance Formula Calculator

This calculator, distance between points calculator, is a tool used to calculate distance between two points and three points which is one of the basic concepts in Geometry, the distance between two points or distance between two points.

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The distance between two points and the distance between three points present along a straight line can effectively be calculated using this calculator.

The distance formula is a derivative of the notable Pythagorean theorem. The Pythagoras theorem is used to determine the length of the third side of the triangle.

What is the Distance Formula Calculator

The Distance Formula calculator is an online available tool that utilizes the distance formula to find the distance between two points. With the assistance of this calculator two points having the coordinates (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) are determined implying the distance formula.

Using the distance between points calculator you can input any two given points that are defined by their coordinates to receive the geometrical distance between them as the output.

This calculator is a rapid tool that provides you with the results along with the detailed calculations involved in just a single click. Enter the coordinates whether in a 2D or 3D plane and get results without performing lengthy calculations.

What is Distance Formula

It is a formula that is derived from the Pythagorean theorem to find the distance between two points present on a cartesian plane. The distance formula is derived from the Pythagoras theorem according to which c = a2 + b2.

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From the Pythagoras theorem the distance formula for any two points on a cartesian plane (x1,y1) and (x2,y2) is expressed as given below:

How to calculate Distance Formula

There are a few requirements needed to be fulfilled in order to calculate the distance between two points. The coordinates of each point on the plane in this instance are the first requirement to determine the distance between two places on the plane.

In a 2D plane, the two components included are the abscissa and the ordinate. The abscissas, which are commonly indicated by the letter "x," correspond to the horizontal measurement of the plane on which they are shown.

The ordinates are often indicated by the letter "y," and they correspond to the plane's vertical measurement. Once these components have been determined, the distance calculation formula is used to determine the distance between two points.

How to Use Distance Formula Calculator

Using this point distance calculator that is available for 2D as well as 3D planes is a straightforward and easiest approach for finding the distance. With its simple and easy-to-operate interface, anyone can use it for accurate results.

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The detailed steps involved in order to use the 2D and 3d distance calculator are discussed below.

Open Distance Formula Calculator

To determine the distance between two points effortlessly look for a distance calculator available online. After redirecting to the calculator choose whether you want to calculate the distance in a 2D or a 3D plane.

Input Coordinates Values

Now its time to give inputs in the calculator, for 2D plane calculations you have to enter the values for the coordinates, X1, Y1 and X2, Y2. However, if you have chosen a 3D plane for calculation distance two additional coordinates values are needed to be provided in the distance calculator i.e Z1 and Z2.


After entering the values of coordinates present in a plane simply click on the calculate option provided below the input field. The distance formula 3d calculator will then start running algorithms and provide you with the results.

Get Output

Now it’s time to copy your results calculated by the distance formula calculator. Using the calculator you can note down the final results only and all the calculations steps.

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