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Introduction to the Limit Calculator

A limit finder is an online tool used to calculate the limit of a function by differentiating it. It uses by definition formula of derivative to find the function's derivative. It finds the limit point of a function to describe its behavior.

Since calculus is a tricky subject, you can’t apply any method or formula unless you have practiced and understood it. The limit of a function is also one of the difficult methods to solve. Because its concept is confusing for many students, that's why here we introduce a tool that can solve the limit of a function but also clears its concept.

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Limit Formula Calculator

The limit solver uses the following formulas to solve a problem:

  1. It finds the rate of change of a function by using definition rule which is:
  2. $$ f'x \;=\; \frac{f{(x \;+\; h)} \;-\; f(x)}{h} $$
  3. And it can be also written as:
  4. $$ \frac{dy}{dx} \;=\; f'(x) $$
  5. Let y=f(x) be a function and x=a is a point then limit of a function can be defined as:
  6. $$ f(x) \;=\; A $$

    Where f(x) is a function and ‘x’ is a variable approaching the value ‘a’.

  7. It also finds the root of the given formula.

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How to Solve Limits with Steps

There are some simple steps to using this tool. These are given below:

  1. To use this tool, you have to find the website that offers this limit solver for that search. has a vast collection of calculares to solve your problems.
  2. Select the limit calculator from the list of the tools available on the website.
  3. Now you need to enter the function in the “Function” box.
  4. Select the direction of the limit from the “Direction” box.
  5. Now select the variable you want to differentiate from the “W.R.T” box.
  6. Select the number of times you want to differentiate from the “Time” box in the last step.
  7. Now click on the “Calculate” button.

You will get the step-by-step result after clicking on the calculating button.

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Why use a Limit Equation Calculator?

In calculus, there are many problems for which you use the derivative formula to find limit points. You may have to discuss the function's behavior using a limiting point. The concept of how to find limits is so confusing that you may apply the limit formula instead of finding the derivative by definition.

The limit solver online is made to evaluate the function by the derivative principle. You will never be confused when you use it to solve problems because it will help you clear your concept by providing step-by-step evaluation. That’s why you need to use this tool.

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Benefits of using Limit Solver Online

In calculus, the derivative and the limits are important concepts to talk about the nature of a function because these concepts help to calculate maximum and minimum points. Calculatores offers you an efficient tool that is capable to calculate limit of any function.

There is some more important beneficial use of this tool.

  1. It can help you improve your skill in many concepts related to derivatives.
  2. It can save you time that you waste solving the problems manually.
  3. It is also beneficial in solving many real-life problems.
  4. The limit calculator with steps is most beneficial for students because it guides them in preparing for their exams.
  5. You can use this tool anytime, anywhere, free of cost. Because it does not demand any fee.
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