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Introduction to Log Calculator

The log(x) calculator is an online tool used to find the log of any function to the base 10. It is used to find the logarithm of a number and its alternative forms and integral representations.

In mathematics, the concept of logarithm refers to the inverse of exponential functions, or it simply refers to the inverse of multi-valued functions. We use the logarithm to write the exponential function in log form or vice versa. So here we introduce a tool online which is helpful to find the log x of the exponential functions as well as their alternative arrangements.

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The formula used by Logarithm Calculator

The logarithm is used to find the inverse of the exponential and multi-valued functions. Many physical phenomena are solved by finding their logarithm. This tool allows you to evaluate the logarithm of an exponential function quickly.

The relationship between logarithm and the exponents is:

$$ b^x \;=\; n $$

It can be written in the form of log as:

$$ x \;=\; n $$

Where b is the base of log.

For example we have a function:

$$ 2^3 \;=\; 8 $$

Then the logarithm is written as:

$$ 8 $$

It means that the log x of 8 to the base of 2 is equal to 3.

There are some laws of logarithm that the log calculator successively follows, these are:

  1. Product law:
  2. $$ mn \;=\; m \;n $$
  3. Division law:
  4. $$ m \;n $$
  5. Power law:
  6. $$ m^n \;=\; nm $$
  7. Square root law:
  8. $$ \sqrt[n] {m} \;=\; m $$
  9. Changing the base:
  10. $$ n \;=\; n \;a $$

You can also use our rounding calculator and limiting calculator to find the remainder in division method and the limit of a function.

How to find the Log(x) Calculator?

Follow these steps to find the calculator:

  1. You can find this tool by searching from the browser.
  2. There will be a list of different tools available on the website.
  3. Select your desired calculator from the list.

There are some other tools available on the website named as factorial calculator to calculate factorial of a number and anti-log calculator to calculate antilog of a log value.

How to Solve Log Equations

You can use the log solver by following the simple steps that are given:

  1. You have to enter the value of the number in the “Number” box. Or use the “Load Example” option.
  2. Click on the “Calculate” button to start the evaluation.

You will get the step-by-step solution to calculate log(x)and alternative forms within a few seconds.

Why use the Logarithmic Equation Solver?

The concept of the logarithm is essential in mathematics because it is used to solve exponential functions without complexity. But sometimes, manually, you can’t find the value of the log. It would help if you always had a tool to solve exponential functions. The log function calculator is made to assist you in finding the log values accurately without wasting time manually. That’s why you need to use this tool.

Benefits of using Log Equation Calculator with steps

There are many beneficial uses of this calculator. Some of these are bellowed as follows:

  1. It follows all of the laws of the logarithm that helps to find the correct answer.
  2. Log x calculator saves your time from doing manual calculations.
  3. It is a free online tool; you can’t pay any fee.
  4. It solves the logarithm for exponential functions accurately.
  5. You can use it to solve many real-life problems efficiently.
  6. It provides a step-by-step solution along with alternative forms and integral representations.
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