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Introduction to Mare Gestation Calculator

Mare gestation calculator is an online tool that helps you to calculate the due date of a female horse. The gestation length among female horses ranges from 320-360 days. On average, it takes 340 days for the arrival of the newborn foal.

The horse gestation calculator allows you to calculate foaling date easily. It provides an instant and accurate way to get precise results.

Why to use Horse Gestation Period Calculator?

The horse pregnancy calculator makes it easy for you to calculate the foaling date. Otherwise, you'll need to perform manual calculations. Manual calculations can be lengthy and generate errors. That is why it is recommended to use an online calculator such as this mare gestation calculator.

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Benefits of using Horse Foaling Calculator

It is always beneficial to use an online calculator instead of doing manual calculations. Some of the benefits of using this horse gestation calculator are:

  1. It is efficient and accurate.
  2. A free online tool without asking for any subscription.
  3. Uses mare gestation period formula to get results.
  4. You can use it anytime and anywhere.
  5. Saves your precious time.
  6. The best alternative to manual calculations.
  7. Minimizes the chances of getting the wrong foaling date.

Is Horse Pregnancy Calculator accurate?

Yes, this mare gestation calculator is reliable and accurate. It uses the mare due date formula and considers the entire gestational process. After that, it provides precise results. It helps you to estimate the foaling date and its full range instantly.

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How to find this Horse Gestation Calculator?

You can find this online tool by typing "mare gestation calculator" on Google Search Bar. Google will instantly show you some results and from there, you can open our best horse pregnancy calculator.

Another way is to open the website that has online horse foaling calculator. And access the calculator from here directly. Calculatores provides online calculator which can be very helpful for you. Either way, you'll reach this efficient and accurate online tool. Some of the useful online tools are the goat pregnancy calculator and cow gestation calculator.

How to use Gestation Calculator for Horse step by step?

It is simple and easy to use this horse gestation calculator. The easy steps are listed as follows:

  1. Open this calculator
  2. Select the option of either Standard Breeds or Earlier From Standard Breeds
  3. Provide the actual mating date
  4. Click on the calculate button

Once you hit the calculate button, the mare pregnancy calculator will instantly show you the estimated foaling date and its entire range. This makes it simple and easy to use.

Other Gestational calculators for animals

The gestation period of a mare differs from other animals like sheep, dogs, cats, swine, etc. With this foaling date calculator, you can calculate when the foal is about to arrive. In case of finding the kitten due date or puppy due date, use the cat gestation period calculator or dog due date calculator. These calculators help you find the accurate expecting date of your animal and help significantly in the breeding process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a mare pregnant for?

The gestation length among female horses ranges from 320-360 days. On average, it takes 340 days for the arrival of the newborn foal.

Can you ride a pregnant horse?

You must avoid to ride a mare for atleast 30 days after conception or around 3 months before foaling. Besides this period, it is ok to ride a pregnant horse.

When can you ultrasound a mare for pregnancy?

Ultrasound for mare pregnancy detection can be done as early as day 12 - 14 following ovulation.

Can you blood test a mare for pregnancy?

ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test detects pregnancy in mares. This test finds estrogen molecules within the blood of a mare.

Which is best for mare pregnancy - ELISA or Ultrasound?

ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) test is cheaper and easier to perform as compared to the ultrasound.

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