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Introduction to Percentage Calculator

The percentage is a ratio or value that shows how much a number relates to another. Percent means out of 100. The symbol of the percent is %. It is also called dimensionless value. If we say 70% of the number, it means 70 percent of its total.

The percentage tool calculates the percentage of two values (initial value, final value). The interface of the tool is very simple. The interesting thing about the tool is that it converts any values into percentages within a few moments.

There are many premium tools and visual percentage calculators that calculate the percentage. We introduce the world's best percent calculators for free. These are available only on "calculatores." You can use a percent calculator with a detailed explanation.

Why should we use a percent calculator?

It is a long procedure to calculate a percentage by hand. We can make many mistakes and get the wrong percentage of a number. That is why we should use an authentic tool for calculation.

The online percentage tool provides you with 100% accurate results. It executes the values quickly and gives the output in a minute.

How to use the online percentage calculator?

The use of the tool is very easy. Before the calculation, you should know about the numbers as input. There are a few points given below

  • Open the online tool.
  • Enter the values (denominator & numerator).
  • Click on the calculate button to start the calculation.
  • The output will show on the screen.

If you want to calculate the percentage online again, click the calculate again button, and it will restart the free percentage tool .

Understanding the formula of the percentage

The percentage formula is easy to understand and helps you calculate the number.

The formula is

$$ percentage\;=\;\frac{denominator}{numerator}\;×\;percentage $$


A student got 660 marks in an exam, total marks are 1100, calculate the percentage.

  • a = denominator
  • b = numerator
  • p = percentage


a = 660

b = 1100

p = ?

p = a × 100 / b

= 600 × 100 / 1100

= 60%

A student got 60% marks in the exam. Marks is 660, calculate the total marks.


a = 660

p = 60%

b = ?

b = a × 100 / p

b = 660 × 100 / 60

b = 1100

A student got 60 % marks in the exam. The total marks are 1100, calculate the 60 % of the total marks.

a = ?

p = 60%

b = 1100

a = b × p / 100

a = 1100 × 60 / 100

a = 660

Advantages of the percentage converter

There are a lot of advantages to it. Some are given below

  • This tool helps you to calculate the percentage quickly.
  • It is a cost-free tool.
  • It saves your energy.
  • It provides you with error-free output.
  • You can use it anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this percentage converter provide accurate results?

Yes! It provides 100% accurate output. You do not need the wrong output or any mistakes.

Why do we calculate the percentage?

The percentage is used to calculate how much of the total value, like a man drank 50% water from the glass. It means he drank 50 percent (half glass) from the 100 percent.

Is it a reliable calculating tool?

Yes, you can trust this calculation tool. It has an accurate built-in percentage formula and provides the correct result.It is similar to percentage change calculator

Can we calculate the percentage without the tool?

Before you start the calculation, you should understand the formula. Then, you will be able to calculate the percentage without the calculator.

How to find the percentage of multiple numbers online?

Determine the total value, divide it by the sum of multiple values and multiply the dividend value by 100.

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