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Introduction to Percentage Difference Calculator

There are many tools and calculators for calculating the percentage, but the most popular tool is the difference percentage calculator. It helps you measure the difference between two positive numbers in terms of percentage.


The important thing is that the numbers should always be greater than zero. You insert the numbers and get your difference in the form of percentage. This online tool is similar to the percentage change calculator, which calculates the difference between percentages.

Why use Percentage Difference Online Calculator

This online tool helps you to calculate the difference within a few moments. You do not need a formula and tricky calculations because it enhances the chance of errors. This tool helps you to measure accurate results according to your input.

It is a reliable converter. Please do not think about any errors or mistakes in the calculation of the tool. The tool's developers tested it in different ways than it was available. It has a built-in formula that executes the values you entered. After calculation, it provides the results quickly. The world's best percent calculators are available on this website. All the tools are free of cost.

How to Find the Percent Difference Between Two Numbers

The online tool is very easy to use. There are some points given below that help you to use the calculator.

  • Open the difference calculator.
  • Input the values (initial value and final value).
  • You can also use the example values.
  • Now click on the calculate button, and the calculation will start.
  • After a few seconds, the results will show on the screen with a solution.

If you want to re-use the calculator, click on the calculate again button, which will refresh the page.

What is the percentage difference formula?

The formula is very easy to understand. After understanding, you can use it anywhere.

The formula is


V1 = Initial value

V2 = Final value


The initial value is 20 and the final value is 100. Find the difference percentage.


$$percentage\;difference\;=\;[\frac{(V_1-V_2)}{\frac{(V_1+V_2)}{(2)}}]\;*\;100$$ $$percentage\;difference\;=\;[\frac{(20-100)}{\frac{(20+100)}{(2)}}]\;*\;100$$ $$percentage\;difference\;=\;[\frac{(-80)}{\frac{(120)}{(2)}}]\;*\;100$$ $$percentage\;difference\;=\;(\frac{80}{60})\;*\;100 $$ $$percentage\;difference\;=\;1.33333\;*\;100 $$ $$percentage\;difference\;=\;133.33 % $$

Advantages of percent difference converter

It is very beneficial for its users. Some benefits are given below

  • Percentage Difference Calculator saves your energy and time by providing you with quick results.
  • It provides 100% accurate results and solutions automatically to find the percent difference between two numbers.
  • It saves your money from paid tools because it is free of cost.
  • You can use it unlimited at any time.


How to calculate percentage difference in excel (formulas)?

First of all, you should understand the formula that is given. Then you put the formula into the excel cells according to the input and check the results.

What is the difference between the percentage of a percentage tool and the percentage difference?

Percentage of a percent calculator helps you to find the % of two percent values. But percentage difference provides the difference between two positive numbers in the term of percentage.

How long is the tool-free of cost?

This tool is free of cost for a lifetime, and you can access it online anywhere all over the world. And also some percentages tools are available.

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