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Introduction to Percentage Point Calculator

The purpose of the percentage point is to determine the difference between two percentage values. There are a lot of tools for calculating the points, but the world's best tool is the percentage point calculator.

This calculator helps you find the points of the values and the percentage difference. You will insert the data and get the output quickly. It has a built-in formula that calculates your result within seconds.It is similar to percentage difference calculator.

How to Calculate Percentage Points online?

The calculation is very simple. There are some steps to follow

  • Open the converter by clicking on “percentage point”.
  • Insert your data (1st percentage, 2nd percentage).
  • Click on the calculate button for calculation.
  • Within a minute, the result will show on the screen.

If you want to calculate the percentage point again, click on the calculate again button, which will refresh the page.

Why use a percentage point calculator?

The percentage difference calculator helps you calculate the percentage points and difference between two values. This converter saves your mind energy and important time from formulas and difficult calculations.

It is a very helpful tool and provides an accurate output simultaneously. There is no chance of mistakes while using the basis point calculator. The tool developer tested it many times and then provided it for use.

Advantages of the percentage point tool

There are a lot of advantages for the users. Some of the given below

  • It executes the values very fast and provides the results within a minute.
  • It saves your energy because it is a speedy tool.
  • You do not need to work by hand.
  • It is a reliable tool for calculation.
  • It is an error-free and tested tool.

Understanding the Formula of Percentage Calculator

The Formula is very easy to understand. Before starting the calculation, you should have two values of percentage, and then you can calculate the percentage points.

The Formula

$$ Percentage point difference = p_1 - p_2 $$ $$ Percentage difference\; =\; (\frac {(p_1 - p_2)}{\frac{(p_1 + p_2)}{2}}) × 100 $$

p1=1st percentage

p2 =2nd percentage


A = 20% and B = 30 %, find the percentage points and percentage difference?


$$ Percentage point difference = p_1 - p_2 $$



$$ Percentage difference\; =\; (\frac {(p_1 - p_2)}{\frac{(p_1 + p_2)}{2}}) × 100 $$

= ((20 - 30) / ((20 + 30) / (2)) × 100

= (-10) / (50 /2) × 100

= 10 / 25 × 100

Percentage difference= 40%


What is a percentage point?

The difference between one percentage value to another percentage value is called percentage points. Let's suppose there are two values, 20%, and 10 %, the percentage point difference is ten, and a percentage difference is 50 % between both values.

What is the difference in percentage and percentage points?

Percentage provides a ratio between two values, and the percentage points show the difference between two percentages.

Can we calculate the percentage points on an excel sheet?

First of all, you should understand the formula, and then you will be able to calculate it on an excel sheet by putting the formula.

Is the converter free of cost for unlimited use?

Yes, you can calculate the points unlimited. It is a free of cost tool for a lifetime.Percentage of a Percentage Calculator is also free of cost tool..

Does it provide accurate results?

Yes! It is a reliable tool you can trust in its results. The developer of the tool tested it in many different ways. It would be best if you didn’t think about the bug in the tool.

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