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Introduction to Pool Pump Electricity Cost Calculator

The pool pump is used to fill any pool with water. There are different types of pool pumps as per the user's requirements. These pool pumps consume electricity according to their Power. It makes a need for a user to calculate the electricity cost of the pump with a pool pump energy calculator.

That is why we have introduced the pool pump electricity cost calculator. The pool pump calculator is used to measure the cost of the electricity online within seconds. This calculator can find the electricity cost weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Why do we use the Pool Pump Energy Calculator?

It isn't easy to calculate the cost of the pool pump manually. If we calculate the cost manual on the page, we may get any mistake in the formula or value, and we will not get the right value of the cost.

That is why we use the pool pump calculator. With this online tool, we will measure the cost of the pump within seconds without any mistakes.

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Pool Pump

An online tool is very easy to use. There are some easy steps to calculate the cost of the pool pump.

  1. Go to from any web browser and click on the pool pump energy cost calculator.
  2. Now type the values (hours used per day, Power Used in W (watts), and your energy rate $/kWh).
  3. Click on the calculate.

After clicking on the calculate button, it will instantly show you the results. After calculating the pool electricity cost, you can again calculate it here. Click on the recalculate button to start a new calculation process.

Advantages of Pool Pump Saving Calculator?

Manual formulas and their calculations are sometimes a bit tricky. It is the same whenever we manually find the pool's electricity cost. Because of this, we use an online pool pump cost measurement tool. The calculator makes it easy for us to get accurate results without making unnecessary errors.

The electricity cost pool pump calculator has many advantages. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. It helps you to calculate the electricity cost within seconds. Just input the values and get the answer of how much does it cost to run a pool pump.
  2. Pool pump electricity calculator saves the time and energy which you spend doing manual calculations.
  3. Its accurate formula decreases the chances of errors while calculating the electricity cost.
  4. Pool pump energy calculator is a free tool to find out how much does it cost to run a pool pump per month, and you can use it anytime.

Formula to Calculate the Cost of Pool Pump Electricity

The formula which is used by pool pump electricity cost calculator is:

$$ electricity \;cost \;=\; (\;k \;w \;×\; h) \;×\; r $$

This formula is used to get the pump's electricity cost. First, find out the data that will be used in the formula, then put the data into the formula and get the cost through the manual method.

Understanding the Pool Pump Electricty Cost Formula:

$$ KW \;=\; kilowatts $$ $$ h \;=\; number \;of\; hours $$ $$ r \;=\; rate $$

Once you have your data, you can calculate your cost by putting the data into a formula of a pool pump electricity calculator.

  1. Multiply the number of hours the pump is used per day by pump wattage
  2. After multiplying then, divide by 1000
  3. Then multiply with the rate of electricity


A pool pump is used 6 hours a day. The rate of the electricity is 2$, and power used 220w.

$$ h \;=\; 6 $$ $$ r \;=\; 2 $$ $$ w\;=\; 220 $$ Solution:

As per the pool pump electricity cost formula:

$$ electricity \;cost \;=\; (k \;w \;× \;h) \;× \;r $$ $$ =\; \frac{220}{1000} \;×\; 6(2) $$ $$ = \; 0.22 \;×\; 6(2) $$ $$ =\; 1.32 \;×\; 2 $$ $$ per\; day\; cost\; =\; 2.64$ $$


We hope that you find this calculator useful for finding the pool pump electricity cost. There are a lot of other online cost calculators related to it which you can find on this website.

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