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Introduction to surface area calculator

There are a lot of tools and calculators to measure the area, but we introduce the world's best surface area calculator. The online tool helps you to calculate the surface area of any object.

The surface area is different in many types of things. The online calculator provides a solution and formula of the given input.

Why use online Area Calculator?

The manual calculation is a complicated and lengthy procedure. It also increases the risk of mistakes and wastes your necessary time. The online tool provides 100 percent accurate results according to your selected input within a minute.

The surface calculator has not only one area measurement formula. It has different types of built-in area formulas automatically executed when selecting the input. It contains (ball, Cylindrical Tank, Square Pyramid, Cube, Cone, Capsule, Rectangular Tank, Ellipsoid) surface area formulas. You can find the Surface area of many shapes in the same place. It is a reliable tool, and you can trust its results.

How to use a surface area converter?

The use of the tool is effortless and straightforward. But before the calculation, you should know which type of surface area you want to calculate, and then you will be able to get the desired results. Some options are given below

  • Open the surface area calculator.
  • Select the area that you want to calculate.
  • Enter the input values.
  • You can also use example values for understanding.
  • Now click on the calculate button and wait for execution.
  • After a few seconds, the result will be displayed on the screen.

If you want to re-measurement, click on the calculate again button, It will refresh the calculator.

Understanding the surface area formula

There are some surface area formulas.

Ball surface area formula

$$A\;=\;4πr $$

Cylindrical Tank surface area formula

$$ Top\;Surface\;Area\;=\;π\;*\;r^2 $$ $$Bottom\;Surface\;Area\;=\;π\;*r^2$$ $$ Lateral\;Surface\;Area\;=\;2\;*\;π\;*\;r\;*h $$ $$ Total\;Surface\;Area\;=\;2πr\;(r\;+\;h) $$

Square Pyramid surface area formula

$$ Base\;Surface\;Area\;=\;a^2 $$ $$ Lateral\;Surface\;Area\;=\;2a\;\sqrt{(\frac{a}{2})^2\;+h^2}$$ $$ Total\;Surface\;Area\;=\;a^2\;+\;2a\;\sqrt{(\frac{a}{2})^2\;+h^2}$$

Cube surface area formula


Cone surface area formula

$$ Base\;Surface\;Area\;=\;π\;*\;r^2 $$ $$Lateral\;Surface\;Area\;=\;π\;*\;r\;*\;\sqrt{r^2 + h^2}$$ $$Total\;Surface\;Area\;=\;π\;*\;r\;*\;(r\;+\;\sqrt{r^2 + h^2})$$

Capsule surface area formula

$$ Top\;Surface\;Area\;=\;2\;*\;π\;*\;r^2 $$ $$ Bottom\;Surface\;Area\;=\;2\;*\;π\;*\;r^2 $$ $$ Lateral\;Surface\;Area\;=\;2\;*\;π\;*\;r\;*h $$ $$ Total\;Surface\;Area\;=\;(4\;*\;π\;*\;r^2)\;+\;(2\;*\;π\;*\;r\;*\;h) $$

Rectangular Tank surface area formula

$$ Surface\;Area\;=\;(2\;*\;l\;*\;w)\;+\;(2\;*\;l\;*\;h)\;+\;(2\;*\;w\;*\;h)$$

l = Length

h = Height

w = Width

Ellipsoid surface area formula

$$ Surface\;Area\;=\;4\;*\;π\;(\frac{ab^{1.6}\;+\;ac^{1.6}\;+\;bc^{1.6}}{3})^{\frac{1}{1.6}}$$

a = Axes (a)

b = Axes (b)

c = Axes (c)

Advantages of Surface Area formula Calculator

The online tool is very beneficial for its users. Some of the advantages are given below

  • The calculator saves your time from complicated calculations.
  • It provides accurate results within a few moments.
  • It contains all the area formulas in one tool.
  • It is free of cost and saves your money from premium online calculators.
  • You can access the tool at any place.


What is the surface area of a square?

You measure the square on both sides, then multiply both of them and get the square's surface area. For example, a wall is six ft. in length and 10ft in height. The surface area of the wall is 60 square ft.

How is it to provide all the formulas in one tool?

The tool's developers set all the formulas in one calculator. When you select the input type, it automatically changes the formula and executes the values.

How long is it free of cost?

The tool is free of cost for a lifetime. More related tools are available on calculatores.

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