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Introduction to Vertical Angles Calculator

A vertical angle calculator is an online tool that can easily calculate the angles formed by two lines when they intersect each other. It calculates the unknown angle by using the given angles of the two lines. So you can get the unknown vertically opposite angle by using other angles.

The angle between two vertical lines, parallel or perpendicular, is the essential factor in geometry. These angles explain the geometrical behavior of different lines. Besides it, the angles have many beneficial uses in our daily life. So we introduce a user-friendly tool named vertical angles calculator with steps that can be beneficial for you.

The formula used by Vertical Angle Equation Calculator

The vertical angles refer to the non-adjacent angles formed when two straight lines intersect. They are also known as the vertically opposite angles.

There are four angles formed by the intersection of two lines. The angles opposite to the other angles are always equal in the case of vertical angles. So the unknown angle can be found by subtracting from the other with a vertical angle calculator.

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How to find vertical and adjacent angles calculator?

It is simple and easy to find this online tool for vertical angles. If you are on Google, you can directly search for this tool. Another way to find this tool is to first open calculatores website and search for this vertical angle finder. Either ways, you will access to this tool and it will help you doing calculations with ease.

How to Use a Vertical Angles Solver?

You can easily use this geometry tool of vertically opposite angles calculator with steps to calculate vertical angles. You need to follow some simple steps for it.

As you click on the calculate button, you will get the result in a step-by-step order.

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How do you Calculate Vertical Angles?

Example: Use the following image to find the unknown angles.



$$ d \;=\; 36^o $$

and a, b and c are unknown.

By the rule of vertical angles,

$$ b \;=\; d \;=\; 36^o $$


$$ a \;=\; c \;=\; ? $$

Because b is opposite to d and a is opposite to c.


$$ a \;=\; 180^o \;-\; 36^o \;=\; 144^o $$


$$ a \;=\; c \;=\; 144^o $$

The above formula is used by the vertical angle tool. For more details, find this article on the examples of vertical angle.

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Benefits of using Vertical Angle Solver

In geometry, measuring an angle is an important concept. The students should be confident in calculating angles to succeed in math exams. But solid knowledge is required to understand the measurement of angles.

Students always need some external sources that can help them clear their concepts. An online tool can be more beneficial than a physical source because of its efficiency and accuracy. You can use this geometry tool to find the vertical angles.

There are many benefits of using this tool given below:

  1. Vertical angles calculator can save your time which you spend on doing manual calculations.
  2. Vertical angle solver can handle any condition of vertical angles, as it can find the unknown angle correctly.
  3. Vertical angle calculator with steps is a free online tool, so you don’t need to pay any free.
  4. You can practice with different examples with it.
  5. Vertical angles solver is easy to use because of its simple and unique interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is vertical angle theorem?

Vertical angle theorem states that the vertical angles are always congruent. If the opposing angles of two intersecting lines are identical in value, it means it is working on the principle of vertical angle theorem.

Are vertical angles congruent?

Vertical angles are equal which means they are always congruent. A congruent angle will always have the same angle measure in terms of degrees. You can calculate them by using angle measurement calculator.

Which pair of angles are vertical angles?

When two lines intersect each other, two pairs of angles are formed. These two pairs of angles oppose each other and have same magnitude of angle. The pair of two angles that are congruent and oppose each other are called vertical angles.

What do vertical angles add up to?

A pair of adjacent angles or angles on the opposite sides are equal to one another. Similarly, a vertical angle and its adjacent angles are supplementary angles, meaning that they total up to 180 degrees. For calculating this, solving equations involving vertical angles calculator can be a lot helpful.

Is vertical angles supplementary?

Yes, the vertical angles can be supplementary if they intersect at right angle to each other. It means that the supplementary angles are those neighbouring angles if they add up to 180 degrees. So, vertical angles contains a pair of supplementary angles also.

Is vertical angles are linear pair?

Yes, the vertical angles formed a linear pair of angles. It is because when two lines intersect each other, they formed two pairs of neighbouring and adjacent angles. Two adjacent angles are supplementary and form a linear pair so, add up to 180 degrees. You can use linear pairs and vertical angles calculator for finding it online.

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Can we solve equations involving vertical angles and linear pairs?

Yes, we can solve equations involving angles and linear pairs by using vertical angles theorem or congruency theorem. We can write the linear pairs of angles equal to 180 degrees to solve the equations. This becomes easy for solving equations involving vertical angles and linear pairs calculator and we can find any unknown angle by using vertical angle theorem.

How to find the value of x vertical angles calculator?

You can search with "vertical angles theorem calculator" on your search engine and pick our result from here.

Is vertical angle solver accurate?

Yes, you can find solving vertical angles calculator as it is accurate and provide instant results.

Can we find angles by using vertical angle relationships calculator?

Yes, the vertically opposite angles calculator allows you to find the relationship of adjecent angles easily.

Can I rely on vertical and adjacent angles calculator with steps?

Yes, You can rely on this vertical angle relationships calculator with steps. But, you also need to have strong concepts to find how the calculations of vertical angle calculator are working.

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