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The amount of water is expressed in terms of volume, concentration, and weight. Most commonly the water is measured in terms of volume i.e., liters, milli liters, gallons, etc. Water is a liquid matter and it also exhibits some mass. The weight of water is calculated using different apparatus and formulas. Water weight calculated is an online tool to calculate the water weight of a given volume of water. This article highlights the importance of water weight calculations.

Importance of Water Weight

The importance of water weight calculation cannot be understated. It is essential for those who want to maintain a healthy weight, as well as for those who are trying to lose weight. By knowing how much water you should be drinking each day, you can make sure that you are getting the right amount of hydration.

Water weight calculation is extremely important in chemistry, as it allows for the accurate measurement of aqueous solutions. This is especially crucial when working with dangerous or volatile chemicals, as even a small error in measurement could result in serious consequences. Additionally, water weight calculation is often used to determine the concentration of a solution, and thus it is a vital tool for ensuring that chemical reactions are carried out correctly.

Factors Affecting Water Weight

Water weight depends on environmental conditions. The mass of a certain volume of water is different in different conditions. Following are the factors on which water weight depends

  • Temperature of water
  • Density of water
  • Volume of water

Both temperature and density are related to each other. Water exhibits different densities at different temperatures. For example, water at 0oC is denser than water at room temperature. Moreover, the density of water increases with the decreasing temperature until it reaches 0 degrees (freezing point). After that, the density starts decreasing with decreasing temperature i.e., below freezing point.

The Density of Water at Different Temperatures

The density of water at room temperature (21oC) is 0.99802 and the density of water at the freezing point is 0.99987. this change in density is due to the expansion of water molecules. The density decreases as the temperature increases from zero to room temperature because the water molecules expand at high temperatures and become less dense.

Calculation of Water Weight

Following is the formula to calculate the water weight of a given volume

Water weight = volume x density

The value of density of water is selected according to the temperature of the water. The volume of water could be given in liters, gallons, or pounds but as we know the unit of density is g / ml so the value of volume would be first converted to milli liters. Let us solve some problems of water weight calculation.


Calculate the water weight of 1.5 liters of water at room temperature.


Water weight = volume x density
Volume = 1.5 L x 1000
Volume = 1500 ml
Water weight = 1500 x 0.99802
Water weight = 1497.03 grams

If you want the water weight in pounds, then multiply this answer in grams to 0.0022.

Water weight = 1497.03 x 0.0022
Water weight = 3.29 lb

Answer; the mass of a given volume of water is 1497.03 grams or 3.29 lb.

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