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Introduction to z score calculator

The z-score calculator helps to find the number of standard deviations for a particular data point from the population mean. Z-score holds a significant place in the statistics and can be computed on a normal distribution for any data value. However, manually it requires more effort to calculate. To resolve this problem, this z-score table calculator provide you immediate results.

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What is the z score calculator

The Z-score calculator is an online tool that helps to compute standardized z-score for any particular value of X. If you know the value of mean (μ), experimental result (x), and the standard deviation (σ). If you get a negative z score, it means that the data value is lower than average. However, if you get a positive one, it means the data value is higher than average. The z value calculator gives the proper solution of the equation to understand the process.

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How to use the z score calculator

The z table calculator is designed in a user-friendly manner to compute results in the blink of an eye. All you need is to fill in the required information including the experimental result(x), Standard deviation (σ), and Mean value (μ). Make sure that you enter the values correctly and then press the “calculate” button in blue color. Z-score calculator provides both options of manually adding values and using the button to reach your desired values.

How do to find the Z score on a calculator?

To compute the z-score on a regular calculator, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Calculate the mean by using calculator as μ = (∑x) / n.

Then Calculate the standard deviation by using the given formula (∑(x2) - (∑x)2/n) / n. In the case of sample data, the divisor would be n-1.

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Moreover, you need to Calculate the z-score using this simple formula z = (x - mean) / standard deviation.


What are the benefits of using z score calculator

The standard normal table calculator by Calculatores helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of mathematicians, students, and statistics experts. This online tool helps to understand the relationship between the distribution of scores and the raw score more clearly and quickly. The z score formula calculator further limits the effort of carrying manual calculations by hand. It provides reliable and precise results to the users without any mistakes and errors.

How to calculate z score of 80th percentile?

A z-score of 0.842 portrays that your data point is in the 80th percentile.

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