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Introduction to Arithmetic Sequence Calculator

An arithmetic common difference calculator is an online free tool to find the arithmetic sequence with the given common difference. It uses the arithmetic formula to calculate all terms of the series. It also computes the nth time of the sequence.

In mathematics, sequence finding is an important concept. But it would be best if you found the common difference between two consecutive terms, which sometimes becomes difficult. That makes your manual calculations tricky. So here, we introduce online application software that can easily calculate the sequence with a given common difference.

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How does the arithmetic sequence formula work?

An arithmetic sequence is an ordered set of numbers which have some difference between the consecutive terms. The arithmetic formula is given as:

$$ a_n \;=\; a_1 \;+\; (n \;-\; 1) \;×\; d $$


an = is the nth term or general term of the sequence

a1 = is the first term of the sequence

n =is the number of terms to be calculated

d = is the common difference between two consecutive terms.

Arithmetic sequence calculator can find the sequence by using input. You have to enter the values of a1,n and d to find the sequence. It also computes the sum of the number of terms of the sequence. The formula for finding sum of first n term is given as:

$$ S_n \;=\; \frac{n}{2}[2a_1 \;+\; (n \;-\; 1) \;×\; d] $$ Example:

Calculate the arithmetic sequence for

$$ a_1 \;=\; 4 ,\; d \;=\; 5 \;and\; n \;=\;3 $$ Solution:

We will use arithmetic formula to solve this example which is:

$$ a_n \;=\; a_1 \;+\; (n \;-\;1) \;×\; d $$

Using the given values,

$$ a_3 \;=\; 4 \;+\; (3 \;-\; 1) \;×\; 5 $$ $$ a_3 \;=\; 4 \;+\; (2 \;×\; 5) $$ $$ a_3 \;=\; 4\; +\;10 \;= \; 14 $$

Now to find the Sum of first 3 terms we use the following formula.

$$ S_n \;=\; \frac{n}{2}[2a_1 \;+\; (n \;-\; 1) \;×\; d] $$ $$ S_3 \;=\; \frac{3}{2}[2 \;×\; 4 \;+\; (3 \;-\; 1) \;×\; 5 $$ $$ S_3 \;=\; \frac{3}{2} (8 \;+\; 10) $$ $$ S_3 \;=\; \frac{3\; ×\; 18}{2} \;=\; 3 \;×\; 9 $$

So the sum of first 3 terms is,

$$ S_3 \;=\; 27 $$

Arithmetic sequence is also known as arithmetic progression that can be simply denoted as AP.

How to do arithmetic sequence on calculator?

There are some simple steps to using this tool. These are given as:

  1. Please open the website on your desired browser, or you can get its application from the play store.
  2. You need to enter input values by selecting the value for the 1st term from “First term a1”.
  3. Select the desired common difference from the “Common difference (d)” box.
  4. Now select the number of the nth term to be calculated from the box “nth Number to obtain (n)”.
  5. Click on the “Calculate” button to start the calculation.

    As you click on the calculate button, the tool will start giving results within a few seconds. Arithmetic common difference calculators will show the result in a step-by-step manner so the user can easily understand it.

    Why use an Arithmetic sequence calculator with a solution?

    In mathematics, it is necessary to understand things based on patterns. The term arithmetic sequence enables you to understand the concept of pattern-based sequences. The arithmetic sequence formula calculator helps you to understand this concept.

    While using the term arithmetic sequence in solving problems may use the wrong formula. But since this concept is formula-based, using the wrong formula may give false results. That’s why you need to use an arithmetic sequence calculator.

    All of the math concepts play an essential role in our real life and other subjects like physics. But our learning and calculation methods should be updated by using technology. The arithmetic sequence is made to bring innovation to mathematics.

    Benefits of using arithmetic calculator:

    In mathematics, an arithmetic progression is a sequence of numbers such that the difference between consecutive terms is fixed. There are many benefits of arithmetic sequence difference calculator that are bellowed:


    • It is a time saver because it computes faster.
    • If you don’t remember the formula for finding an arithmetic sequence, this tool helps you remember it.
    • It provides step by step solutions that will be helpful to understand the concept of arithmetic sequence or AP.
    • It allows us to solve your real-life problems, which are pattern-based; time has a common difference of 1 hour.
    • It finds the solution quickly and accurately, so there is no chance of a mistake in the solution.
    • The arithmetic sequence formula calculator is easy to use, making it more reliable.
    • It is online free application software; you need not pay any fee to use it.
    What is the use of arithmetic sequence in real life?

    It has many uses in our real life. Some of them are given below:

    1. If you buy something in installments, you can quickly check the number of installments you have to pay by calculating the nth term.
    2. When you are waiting for a cab or taxi, assuming the vehicle's steady speed, you can calculate the time interval between the arrivals of transports.
    3. One of the most common uses of the concept AP is that it helps arrange recurring events such as online meetings on Zoom or MS teams.
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