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Introduction to Gamma Function Calculator

The gamma distribution calculator is an online calculator that can calculate the gamma function of any Value of x. Gamma calculator can calculate the gamma function of any Value of x by following the factorial function. It takes the values of x as input and calculates the gamma function accurately.

In mathematics, the gamma function is the generalised form of the factorial process and is defined for non-integer numbers. It is essential to calculate gamma function because it has many applications in statistics, differential equations, complex analysis, and calculus. Therefore, we introduce you to a tool named gamma function online calculator that will help you quickly calculate the gamma function of any Value of x.

How to Calculate Gamma Functions?

A gamma function is a generalisation form of a factorial function. It has the extension of the factorial process because it can handle non-integers and complex numbers. The integral formula defines the gamma function:

$$ Γz \;=\; \int_{0}^\infty \; t^{z-1} \; e^{-t} dt $$

And the integral converges for Re(z)>0.

The gamma function can be calculate by using following formula;

$$ Γ(z) \;=\; Γ(z \;-\; 1).(z \;-\;1) $$

For example, if you want to calculate gamma function of 2 then,

$$ Γ(2) \;=\; Γ(2 \;-\; 1).(2 \;-\; 1) $$ $$ Γ(2) \;=\; Γ(1).(1) $$


$$ Γ(1) \;=\; 1 $$


$$ Γ(2) \;=\; 1 $$

The above formula is used by the gamma function calculator to calculate gamma function of any value of z.

How to use Gamma Calculator with Steps?

Since the gamma function is beneficial for modeling situations where there are continuous changes involved. You can easily calculate the Value of the gamma function using this calculator. All you need is to follow the given steps:

  1. In the first step, enter the Value of x in the "Value (x)" box.
  2. Or you can also use the load example option that has already fed three example values of x.
  3. Click on the calculate button.

After clicking the calculate button, you will get the Value of the gamma function within a few seconds.

Why use Gamma Distribution Calculator?

In mathematics, the gamma function is mainly used because it is the extension of the factorial function on non-integers. It helps model continuous values. It also helps to solve many physics problems because it is a single variable function.

While calculating the gamma function by hand, you can get stuck with the use of the formula of the gamma function. And if you don't know the Value of the gamma function, you have to use the integration method, which is lengthy and tricky. That's why you need to use the functions calculator that can calculate the Value of the gamma function with just one click.

Benefits of using Gamma Function Online Calculator

Gamma function has many applications in mathematics, physics, and statistics. It is usually helpful for continuous changes in values. Since the gamma function has many beneficial uses, the tool designed to calculate its values also has many beneficial services. These are:

  • Gamma function calculator can save your time and energy from solving the integration of the gamma function.
  • It can handle any Value of x to calculate the gamma function.
  • Gamma distribution calculator is a free online tool that does not demand any registration fee.
  • It is an efficient and reliable tool because it computes the Value of the gamma function very quickly.
  • Gamma calculator can help you to improve your analytical skills.
  • It is easy to use because of its unique interface.


What is the gamma function with an example?

The gamma function can be defined by the integral formula:

$$ Γ(x) \;=\; \int_{0}^\infty \; t^{x-1} \; e^{-t} \; dt $$

By using the method of integration to the above equation we get the formula to calculate gamma function as:

$$ Γ(x \;+\; 1) \;=\; xΓ(x) $$


$$ Γ(x) \;=\; Γ(x \;-\; 1).(x \;-\; 1) $$

For example, x=3

$$ Γ(3) \;=\; Γ(3 \;-\; 1).(3 \;-\; 1) $$ $$ Γ(3) \;=\; Γ(2).(2) $$ $$ Γ(3) \;=\; 2 $$

How to find the Gamma Function Calculator Γ?

You can easily find an online gamma distribution calculator by searching from your search engine.

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