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Liter and mole both are measurement units used to measure different concentrations of a substance. There are many physical methods to carry out these conversions but the easiest and quick method is to use liters to moles calculator. This online calculator is 100% accurate and free to use. Here in this article, we will discuss the conversion of liters to moles.

What is liter?

A liter is the measurement unit that is used to measure different volumes of a gas or a liquid. Volume is the amount of space something takes up. It describes how much a container can hold or how much gas can be filled in a container. Measuring cups, droppers, measuring cylinders, and beakers are all tools that can be used to measure volume. Other units for volume are milli liter and quartz. A liter is used to measure larger volumes of gas.

Liters to moles formula

Mole is the SI unit of the large concentration of a substance. In the case of atoms, one mole is equal to 6.02 x 1023 atoms while in the case of liters, one mole is equal to 22.4 liters at standard temperature and pressure. Following is given the formula to convert liters to moles

Mole = Given Volume (in L) / 22.4 L


Volume in liters = Moles x 22.4 L

One can use these formulas to carry out liters to moles conversions and vice versa. Liters to moles calculator also uses the above formula. Let us solve the following example for practice

Example # 1

Calculate the number of moles present in 29 liters of nitrogen (N2) gas.


Moles = Given volume / 22.4 L
Moles = 29 / 22.4
Moles = 1.29

Answer; 29 liters of nitrogen (N2) gas contain 1.29 moles of nitrogen gas.

Example # 2

Convert 2.5 moles of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas to liters.


Liters = Moles x 22.4 L
Liters = 2.5 x 22.4
Liters = 56 L

Answer; 2.5 moles of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is equal to 56 Liters of Carbon dioxide gas.



What is a Milli Liter and How many Milli Liters are Equal to one Liter?

A milli liter is the smallest unit of volume and one liter is equal to 1000 milli liters. A milli liter is denoted by mL.

How to convert 2500 mL to L?

L = given volume in mL / 1000
L = 2500 / 1000
L = 2.5

How to operate Liters to Moles Calculator?

Enter the given volume in the liter section and press the “calculate” button. The calculator would do the rest and your answer would appear on the screen.

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