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Introduction to Power Set Calculator

The powerset calculator is an online tool to calculate the power set of any set using up to 10 elements. It is used to include all of a set's subsets and the original set. It is the simplest way to calculate the power set by using the input values in this power set calculator.

In mathematics, the power set is a major concept mostly used in linear algebra and group theory. It helps solve many problems of pure mathematics, i.e., in metric space, it plays a vital role in the relationship of sets. We introduce a power sets calculator online that can help you calculate power sets with just one click.

How to Calculate the Power Set?

The power set is defined as the group of all subsets of a set including the original set. It is denoted by P(A). The power set of a set can be calculated by writing all of its subsets in a group. See the example below to calculate the power set.


Set A = {1,2};n = 2. Here the set A has 2 number of elements so to check how many subsets of A will be:

$$ ||P(A)|| \;=\; 2^n \;=\; 2^2 \;=\; 4 $$


$$ ||P(A)|| \;=\; \{ \}, \{1 \}, \{2 \}, \{1,2 \} $$

The above formula is used by the powerset calculation. It takes the number of elements from the user and then gives the output as the powerset of the given set.

How to use a Power Set Generator?

This tool is an easy and smart way to calculate the power set. Because it only allows you to enter the elements of the set and provide exact and accurate results.

Follow these steps to use the power set tool:

  • Select the number of elements from the drop-down list in the first step.
  • Now enter the elements of the set according to step#1.
  • Click on the calculate button.
  • You can also try the load examples option that has already fed three examples.

That is how simple it is to calculate a power set using this efficient tool. The results will be shown within a few seconds.

Why use a Power Sets Calculator?

Using a tool rather than solving mathematical problems by hand is easier and more efficient. It is because this method is better in all ways. So you can use our power set calculator to calculate the power set of any number of elements in a set.

Many students get confused when they are calculating power sets. The main mistake is that the subsets may be repeated, and a little mistake can result in a wrong solution. Therefore, it would be best for you if you use our tool.

Benefits of using Power Set Maker

There are many beneficial uses of this tool. Some of these are bellowed:

  1. Power set generator can save your time and energy by providing you with a very short interval of time.
  2. Powerset calculator can provide you with a power set of any given set without making you confused.
  3. It is a free online tool that does not require any registration fee to find power set.
  4. You can use it, again and again, many times as much as you want to calculate the power set.
  5. It is reliable for students because it provides quick and accurate results.
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