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Introduction to Quadratic Formula Calculator

A quadratic calculator is an online tool used to evaluate any quadratic equation. It finds' x' values for an equation with degree 2. It uses the quadratic formula to compute the values for an independent variable, 'x.'

The quadratic formula is an important concept for solving any quadratic equations in algebra. We prefer to use it instead of using the method of factorization. We put the values of constants in the quadratic formula and find the roots of the equation. But manual computation includes more than one step; we introduce a tool that can solve the equation in a single step.

Formula used by Quadratic Equation Calculator

The quadratic equation is a second degree polynomial in which the highest power of an independent variable is 2. This equation is of the form:

ax2 + bx + c = 0

This equation can be solved by using quadratic formula which is:

$$ x\;=\; \frac{-b± \sqrt{b^2-4ac}}{2a} $$

Where a, b and c are the constants of the polynomial. The quadratic calculator uses this formula to find the roots of the given polynomial. It also tells the nature of the roots by using these conditions:

  1. If b2-4ac>0, the roots of the equation will be real and distinct.
  2. If b2-4ac<0, the roots of the equation do not exist or the roots are imaginary.
  3. If b2-4ac=0, the roots of the equation are real and equal.

Hence this tool does not only solve the equation to find its roots but also explains the nature of the roots.

How to use Quadratic Equation Solver with steps?

There are some simple steps to use this tool online that can easily find the roots of an equation whose polynomial degree is 2. These steps are:

  1. You need to enter the values of the polynomial constants as an input. Enter the value of an in the “Enter the value of (a).”
  2. Now enter the value of b in the “Enter the value of (b)” box.
  3. Now enter the value of c in the “Enter the value of (c)” box.
  4. Click on the “Calculate” button to start the computation.

You will get the result a few seconds after you click on the calculate button.

Why to use Quadratic Formula Calculator with Variables?

In algebra, quadratic equations are important to solve because the roots of the equations tell the solution's nature. The quadratic formula is the simplest way to solve these 2nd order equations. But manually, it is not very easy to find the roots of an equation.

Since the subject of math is tricky, students are always searching for a tool that can help them understand the concept by solving examples. The quadratic calculator may be helpful for them because it allows the user to practice with many examples. That's why you need to use this tool.

Benefits of using Quadratic Equation in Standard Form Calculator

In mathematics, there are a lot of problems where the quadratic formula is used. For example, it is used to identify the symmetry of the parabola's axis. The use of a quadratic calculator makes it easier.

There are many beneficial uses of this tool; these are:

  1. It saves your time from solving the problems manually.
  2. You can get the roots of the equation and the roots' nature.
  3. This tool is very helpful in discussing the roots of quadratic equations.
  4. It is a free online tool. You don't need to pay any fee to use it.
  5. It provides a step-by-step procedure so that the user can understand the concept.


What is a quadratic equation?

Quadratic equation is a polynomial of degree 2 which is of the form:

ax2 + bx + c = 0

Where a, b and c are the constants of the polynomial.

What is the use of quadratic formulas in real life?

It can be used to calculate the speed of any object such as a car. Or it may be used to calculate profit of different products etc.

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