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Introduction to Square Pyramid Surface Area Calculator

The Square pyramid calculator is an online calculator that can calculate the surface area of a square pyramid. It uses the surface area formula using the base area and the height of the pyramid as an input and calculates the space occupied by the Square pyramid.

The surface area is a geometrical term used to find the total space covered by the shapes in two and three dimensions. It would be best for you to use a tool offered by calculatores that calculates the surface area of a square pyramid calculator.

The Formula used by Surface Area of Square Pyramid Calculator

The Square pyramid is a three-dimensional shape having a Square base, and four congruent triangles joined by a single vertex. The surface area of such a shape is calculated by using the following formulas:

  1. To calculate base area;
  2. $$ A_B \;=\; a^2 $$
  3. To calculate the lateral surface area;
  4. $$ A_L \;=\; 2a \sqrt {\frac{a}{2}^2 \;+\; h^2} $$
  5. To calculate the total surface area of the square pyramid,
  6. $$ A \;=\; A_B \;+\; A_L \;= \;a^2 \;+\; 2a \sqrt {\left(\frac{a}{2} \right)^2 \;+\; h^2} $$

Where a is the base area and h be the height of the square pyramid. Here the total surface area of the square pyramid is the sum of surface area of base and the lateral surface. The above formula is used by the surface area calculator.

How to Find the Surface Area of a Square Pyramid?

It is easy to calculate a Square pyramid's surface area using a Square pyramid calculator. Follow the given steps to use it;

  1. In the first step, enter the base area in the "Base Edge" box.
  2. Enter the height of the Square pyramid in the "Height" box.
  3. Click on the calculate button.
  4. You can also use the load example option to select an already fed example.

After clicking the calculator button, you will get the surface area of the Square pyramid within a minute.

Why use the Square Pyramid Surface Calculator?

Since geometry is the branch of mathematics that explains problems geometrically by drawing figures, understanding mathematical problems using figures is essential. The surface area is one tool that helps solve engineering problems.

Like a cylindrical tank, the Square pyramid is also a three-dimensional shape. That's why students feel difficulty in finding surface area for it. It would be helpful for them to use the Square pyramid surface area calculator.

Benefits of using the Square Pyramid Formula Calculator

Technology has a lot of innovations in many fields, along with mathematics, many tools are made that have improved our learning process. Similarly, we introduce a tool that helps you to calculate the surface area of a 3D shape. It has many beneficial uses for you; some of these are bellowed:

  • Square pyramid calculator saves your time and enables you to access the results in a very short interval of time.
  • It can handle any square pyramid in three dimensions.
  • It can improve your learning process by providing you with step-by-step solutions of the surface area of the square pyramid calculator.
  • You can practice with different examples by using this tool again and again.
  • Square pyramid surface area calculator is a free online tool, so it does not demand any subscription fee.
  • It is easy to use because it provides you with already-fed examples so that you can try it.


How to find a pyramid surface area calculator?

You can find this tool easy by searching from google. It is the direct link to the website.

How to calculate the surface area of a square pyramid?

You can calculate the surface area of square pyramid by find the sum of base area and lateral surface area of the square pyramid or use the following formula and substitute all values to get the answer:

$$ A \;=\; a^2 \;+\; 2a \sqrt {\frac{a}{2}^2 \;+\; h^2} $$

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