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Percent yield calculator is an online tool to find the accurate percentage yield of a chemical reaction. In chemistry, even a small error in calculations can affect the whole experiment. There are some unavoidable errors while doing hands-on calculations. You can use a percent yield calculator to ensure precise calculations.

What is a Yield?

In chemistry, yield is a term used for the amount of product formed after a chemical reaction. A yield is of two types

Theoretical yield: The estimated amount of yield in a chemical reaction is termed theoretical yield. It is calculated hypothetically without experimentation.

Actual yield: The actual yield that is obtained after experimentation is called actual yield. The value of the actual yield is usually less than the theoretical yield.

What is Percent Yield?

Percent yield tells the efficiency of a reaction i.e how well a reaction proceeds. The value of percentage yield is the ratio of actual yield and theoretical yield multiplied by 100. Its value is usually less than 100. Because some of the reactants are utilized in side reactions which reduces the amount of actual yield.

Steps to operate Percent Yield Calculator

One can calculate the percent yield by using these simple steps

  • Enter the value of theoretical yield in the theoretical yield icon.
  • Enter the value of actual yield in the actual yield icon.
  • Now press the calculate button and you will get the value of the percent yield.

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Percent Yield Formula

The formula used to calculate percent yield is as follows:

Percent yield (%) = (Actual yield / Theoretical yield) X 100

To calculate the percent yield, you must know the value of Actual yield and Theoretical yield. One can calculate the value of one variable by knowing the value of the other two variables.

Actual yield formula

actual yield = (percent yield x Theoretical yield) / 100

Theoretical yield formula

theoretical yield = (Actual yield / percent yield) x 100

Hey! Don’t be nervous about these calculations. You can calculate all these yield values on a single percent yield calculator. By entering the value of two variables, you can get the value of the third variable.

Importance of percent yield calculator

Percent yield is an important term in industrial chemistry as it identifies the suitable chemical reaction with maximum yield for a specific product. It is the job of a chemist to increase the yield of a product through different experiments.

Percent yield calculator saves the user from any possible mistake in calculation. It is precise, quick, and easy to use for percent yield calculation.

You might want to know what can be the best percent yield value. If the percent yield value is above 90 % then it is considered best. If the value is 80 - 90 % then it is very good. 70 - 80 % is considered good and 60 - 70 % is fair. While the value below 40 % is a poor yield.

Example of percent yield

Suppose; 9.6 g of methyl ethanoate is produced by the reaction of methanol with excess methyl ethanoate.


The actual yield is 9.6 g while the theoretical yield for this reaction is 11.56 g. Now let us calculate the percent yield value using the formula.

Percent yield (%) = (9.6 g / 11.56g) X 100
Percent yield (%) = 83%

Here, the above value of percent yield indicates that the above chemical reaction gives 83 % product or 83 % reactants are converted to product.

The unit of all reactants must be the same. Or the units of both actual yield and theoretical yield must be the same. If the values are given in moles, then you can first convert the units by using the gram to moles calculator.


The percent yield value tells the efficiency of a certain chemical reaction. It is significant in industrial and commercial chemistry to get the maximum yield in a certain reaction. A wrong calculation of percent yield can affect the entire reaction results. So a percent yield calculator is used to get a precise value of percent yield by entering the values of actual yield and theoretical yield. It is precise, simple, and quick in the calculation of percent yield.


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