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Introduction to Percentage Increase Calculator

We introduce the percentage increase calculator. It is a very popular tool all over the world. It helps you to calculate the increased value in terms of percentage. You will provide the values (initial value, final value) and get the answer without any manual calculations.

The increase value and increase percentage are different from each other. The increased value indicates how much the value increases from the initial value. The percentage increase means how much percent the value increases from the original value.

Why should we use an increased percentage calculator online?

Suppose you want to calculate the increased value as a percentage. It would be best if you used this tool for calculation. You will get the accurate percentage through this converter within a few seconds.

With this online tool, you will get rid of tricky formulas and difficult calculations. When you calculate the percentage by manual method, it will increase the chance of mistakes. It will make it possible that you will get the wrong result.

Advantages of the percentage increase tool

The online tool is very beneficial for its users. Some of the advantages are given below

  • The calculation of the tool is 100 % accurate.
  • The tool is very easy to use.
  • It saves your money from premium tools.
  • The calculation speed of the tool is very fast.
  • You can use this tool anywhere.
  • Online percentage increase calculator is a time saver tool. Just click on the calculate button and get the percentage.

How to find percentage with percent increase online calculator?

The online percentage calculation tool is very easy to use. There are a few steps to follow

  • Open the tool by click on calculator.
  • Now input the values (initial value, final value).
  • You can use the example values for understanding.
  • Click on the calculate button.
  • It will provide you results.

If you want to recalculate the increased percentage, click on the calculate again button. It will load the page again.

Understanding the formula

The formula is very easy to understand. It would help if you had the initial and final values for the calculation.

The formula is

$$percentage\;increase\;=\;100\;×\;\frac{(final\;value - initial\;value)}{(initial\;value)}$$


You have $500 in your savings account, and the Bank gave you $200 as your savings. How to calculate percentage increase in simple steps?


Initial value = 500

Increase value = 200

final value = 500 + 200 = 700

$$percentage\;increase\;=\;100\;×\;\frac{(final\;value - initial\;value)}{(initial\;value)}$$

%increase = 100 × (700 - 500) / 500

%increase = 100 × (200) / (500)

%increase = 100 × 0.4%

%increase = 40%


Is the tool free of cost for anyone?

Yes! This online tool is free of cost for anyone. You will open the calculator and calculate the increased percentage of your data.

Does the converter have any limit?

No, there is no limit. When you use the calculator, it’s up to you how many times you will calculate the percentage.

Does it provide reliable results?

Yes! This tool provides you with reliable results. It is a tested and bug-free tool.

Why do we calculate the increased value in the term of percent?

Because percentage provides a ratio between the initial value and final value, that is why we calculate the percentage to get the ratio and confirm how much percent value increased.

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