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Introduction to Percentage of a Percentage Calculator

There are a lot of calculating tools that help you to find out the ratio between two percentages. But the best tool is the percentage of percentage calculator. This tool is only available on the "website" .

The online tool allows you to multiply the first % by the second % and provide output as a result. It gives you the ratio between percentages. We can determine the difference in terms of percentage through this converter.

The 1 percent means 1/100. A percent is equal to 100 pieces of anything. Suppose you got 30 marks out of 100 on a test. The percentage is 30% of your total marks.

Why do we use the percent of a percent calculator?

The online calculator executes the values quickly and provides the results within a few moments. When you are trying to calculate the percentage of a percentage value by following the manual method, it enhances the chance of wrong calculations.

That is why this tool is reliable and provides accurate results. It has a built-in formula; when you enter the values, it calculates the values and gives the result automatically. The tool's developers are tested many times before it is available for use.

How to use the adding percentage calculator?

The user interface of the tool is very simple and easy to understand. There are a few simple steps as follows

  • Open the calculator from click here
  • Insert the values (1st percentage, 2nd percentage).
  • Now click on the calculate button.
  • It will show the value as a result.

If you want to reuse the tool, click on the again calculate button, which will load back the (% to %) calculator.

The formula used in the percentage of a percentage converter

The formula helps you to understand the calculation of the tool. After understanding the formula, you can calculate the percentage of percent values.

The formula is

$$ percentage \;=\; \frac{p_1}{100}\;×\; \frac {p_2}{100} × 100 $$

p1=1st percentage

p2=2nd percentage


The price of a car increased 20% in March. After two months it again increased by 40%. Calculate the percentage of percentages.


percentage1 = 20%

percentage2 = 40%

percentage = (p1 / 100) x (p2 / 100) × 100

percentage = (20 / 100) x (30 / 100) × 100

= 0.2 × 0.3 ×100

= 0.06 × 10

percentage = 6%


The dollar increased by 10%. After a few days, it increased by 12%. Find the percentage.


percentage1 = 10%

percentage2 = 12%

percentage = p1 / 100 x p2 / 100 × 100

percentage = 10 / 100 x 12 / 100 × 100

= 0.1 × 0.12 × 100

= 0.012 × 100

percentage = 1.2 %

Advantages of the percent calculators

The tool has a lot of advantages. There are a few enlist

  • It saves your energy from difficult calculations.
  • The executing speed of the tool is very fast and provides the output in a minute.
  • It saves your money from the premium tools.
  • It is a reliable tool for calculating the percentage.


How to calculate the percentage of percentage in excel?

First, you should understand the formula and then apply it to the excel sheet. You insert the values into the input cells. It executes the values and provides the result in the output cell.

Why are percentages useful?

The percentage makes the calculation simple and easier. We estimate the overall result of anything through it.

What is the difference between this tool and other percent calculators?

This tool is tested and provides accurate output. The speed of execution is very fast as compared to the other tools. The tool is free of cost and available for a lifetime.

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