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Introduction to Beam Angle Calculator

A beam calculator is an online tool that can find the angle of light emitted from a light source like a lamp. It helps to calculate how much area will be shining due to light distortion. It uses the diameter of the object and the distance between the lamp and the surface to calculate the beam angle.

The beam angle is an essential factor in lights such as L.E.D. Light or a lamp. The light bulb will lighten up the more excellent the beam angle, the greater area. So here we introduce a calculator that can help you quickly calculate the beam angle of a light bulb.

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Formula used by Lighting Beam Diameter Calculator

The beam of angle of a light bulb is basically the measurement of the light distribution to the surface. An efficient light bulb has a beam angle of 360 degree that means it can fully distribute the light to the surroundings.

The beam calculator uses the following formula to calculate beam angle for a light bulb or a lamp:

$$ ∝ \;=\; 2 \left( tan^(-1) \frac{θ}{2×d} \right) $$


∝ = Beam Angle

θ = Diameter of the object or surface to be illuminated

d = Distance between lamp and object or surface

tan-1 = Inverse function of the tangent for angle calculation

The diameter and the distance are taken as an input and the beam angle is found by the using above formula.

How to use a Beam Calculator?

The beam calculation is straightforward if you use the lighting beam angle calculator because it has some simple steps to be followed. These steps are:

  1. Enter the surface diameter in the "Diameter (ft)" box in the first step.
  2. Enter the distance between the light source and the object in the "Distance” box.
  3. You can also use the load example option for a trail.
  4. Click on the "Calculate” button.

After clicking the calculate button, you will get the answer within a minute.

Why use Beam Light Calculator?

The beam angle plays a vital role in choosing a light bulb for your home or office. Sometimes intense lighting is required, or you need a light that can equally distribute to the surroundings. The harsh lighting has less beam angle than the equally distributed light. That's why you need to use a beam angle led calculator so that you may choose the light bulb according to your requirements.

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Benefits of using Beam Distance Calculator

Since the beam angle is an essential characteristic of a light bulb, it would be beneficial for you if you used the beam angle calculator to calculate the beam angle so that you may choose the best lightning bulb for your house or office. There are a lot of benefits of using this tool below:

  1. It can save your time and energy by allowing you to calculate beam angle with just a click.
  2. It is a free online tool; you don't have to pay anything or subscribe to any plan.
  3. Beam light calculator is easy to use. You have to give the input values to the calculator, and then it will provide you with output quickly.
  4. Whether you use it professionally or for educational purposes, it is helpful for you.
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