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Introduction to whp to hp calculator

The water horsepower calculator is an online tool that can calculate the minimum power required to move water by a bump. It uses the water horsepower formula to calculate the hp using one horsepower equal to 550 foot-pounds. Whp calculator simply receives the input in whp and gives the output in hp.

The water horsepower is the minimum power required for the water flow if the pump is 100% efficient. This power runs the water pump for a specific flow rate. We introduce whp to hp converter that can help you convert the water horsepower to horsepower to find out how much power is required to move water.

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How to use water pump horsepower calculator?

It is easy to calculate horsepower using a water pump horsepower calculator, because it has simple steps. You can get your results by using the following tools:

  1. In the first step, you must enter the (water horsepower) number in the "Number" box.
  2. You can also try our load example option to see how the calculator works.
  3. Click on the "Calculate" button.

The whp to hp calculator will show the results a few seconds after clicking the calculate whp to hp button.

Formula used by hp to whp calculator

The following formula is used to convert whp to hp:

$$ Horsepower \;=\; W \;×\; 1.04336 $$


W = Water Horsepower (WHP)

1.04336 = is the value of 1 Horsepower

Benefits of using Water Horsepower (WHP) Calculator

Calculatores offer you an efficient tool to calculate the number of horsepowers required to move water by a bump with just a click. Some other benefits of this tool are:

  1. Whp to hp converter saves your time and energy that can be surfed in manual calculations.
  2. Water horsepower calculator is a free online tool, and you need not pay anything.
  3. Water horsepower to hp calculator does not demand to complete any offer to calculate whp to hp.
  4. It is helpful for you to use it to compare efficient water pumps.
  5. Whp to hp calculator helps to choose a better water pump with less power loss.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find whp (water horsepower) to wp calculator?

You can easily find this tool by searching from your desired browser. There will be a list of many other tools on the website. You can choose your desired one.

Is the water pump horsepower calculator reliable?

Yes it is, because it provides accurate results quickly.

Is whp to hp conversion difficult?

It depends on whether you know the formula. You can convert hp to whp and whp to hp by using pump horsepower calculator free online.

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