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Introduction to Decimal to Percent Calculator

There are many conversion tools to convert one value into another value. The decimal to percent calculator helps you convert any decimal value into a percentage value.

A decimal value will always contact a number like 3.4. The fractional digits are separate from decimals. The decimal value always occurs after the point (.) like .03 etc. Using the decimal to percentage calculator, you can easily turn a decimal value into a percentage value.

Why use online decimal to percentage converter?

There are chances of an error when trying to convert a decimal value into a percentage by manual calculations. This error can lead you to wrong calculations.

That's why you should use the online calculator, and you will get the accurate percentage output of your decimal input value. The calculation speed of the tool is very high. It provides the results in a few moments with a solution.

How to use the decimal to percent calculator

It is an online converter. It is very easy to use.There are a few steps to use as fellow

  • Open the tool by clicking on “decimal tools”.
  • Write down the decimal value in the input box and click on the convert button.
  • It will convert the decimal value into a percentage.
  • After conversion, the output will show on the screen.

If you want to reuse the tool, simply click on the convert again button, and it will refresh the page for use again.

Understanding the formula of the decimals to percentage converter

With the help of the formula, you will learn how to convert decimals into percentages?

The formula is

percentage = decimal 1%

1% = 1 / 100

The decimal number system is based on 10. There are few values in decimal numbers (4.55, 54.98, and 12.435).


percentage = decimal x 100 %

4.55= 4.55 /1 x 100 / 100 = 455 / 100 = 455%

54.98=54.98 /1 x 100 / 100 = 5498 / 100 = 5498%

12.435=12.435 / 1 x 100 \ 100 = 1243.5 / 100 = 1243.5%

The 1 % is equal to 1 / 100.

That is why we write the 1/100 into %.

The decimal to percent conversion calculator follows this method and changes the decimal to percent automatically.

Benefits of online decimal to percent converter

There are huge benefits of this tool. Some advantages are given below

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is free of cost.
  • It saves your energy through auto calculation.
  • This calculator helps you to convert decimals to percentages within seconds.
  • You can use the percentage converter anytime.
  • Through this online tool, you will be far away from manual calculations.


Is this online calculator only converting decimals to percentages?

No! It can convert both values, decimal to percentage and percentage to a decimal.

Does the decimal tool give an accurate percentage of the decimal values?

It provides you with 100 % original value. You should not need to worry about the mistakes in conversion while using it.

Does this calculator reliable?

The developers of the tool have checked it many times then it is available for use. It would be best if you did not think about any errors in it. You can also check this tool by inserting the values. It is similar to point percentage calculator.

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