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Introduction to Percentage Change Calculator

The percentage change calculator calculates the changing value into the percentage. This tool helps you measure the percentage of the changed value, whatever value will increase or decrease. All you need is to give input values and it will calculate the percentage change value automatically.

If the final value increases, it will give you a positive percentage value. If the final value decreases, then the output will be in the negative percentage value. Your output depends on your value state. The change in the value means something occurs in the value. There are two possibilities to change the value (increase or decrease).

Why do we use a total percent change calculator?

This tool is very helpful for those working in the stock exchange and financial departments. They follow a long procedure. But now, you will not need tricky formulas and difficult calculations.

This tool provides you with a percentage of the changed value. You will give input and then get your output at the same time. It is a tested tool and gives you 100 % accurate results.

How to use the online percent calculator (Change)

The use of this calculator is very easy. There are a few steps that help you to use it.

  • Open the calculator.
  • Input the value (v1, v2).
  • You can use the example values by clicking on example.
  • Now click on the calculate button.
  • The output will display on the screen.

If you want to recalculate, click on the calculate again button, which will refresh your calculator for use.

Understanding the percentage change formula

The formula of the changing percentage is very easy to understand.

The formula is



If the initial value is 20 and the final value is 100. Find the percentage change.


v1 = 20

v2 = 100

= 100 - 20 / 20 × 100

= 80 / 20 × 100

= 4 × 100

= 400.00%

The value has increased by 400 % from the original value.


If a company has 20 shares in the stock market, after a month 10 shares are lost. Find out the change percentage of the total share.


v1 = 20

v2 = 10

= 10 - 20 / 20 × 100

= -10 / 20 × 100

= -0.5 × 100

= -50%

The value has decreased by -50 % from the original value.

Advantages of percentage change (Increase or Decrease) calculator

The changing calculator has many benefits for its users. Some of the benefits are given below

  • The percentage calculation converter is free of cost tool.
  • The calculation speed of the tool is very fast and provides the output quickly.
  • It provides you with paperless work.
  • It has no limit to calculation.
  • This tool is very helpful for the students in calculating the percentage.
  • Through this converter, you will not need to follow the manual method.


Is the calculation tool reliable for anyone?

Yes! It is a reliable tool. You do not need to worry about any issues. It provides an accurate answer.

Can we calculate positive and negative values through this tool?

With the help of this converter, you will be able to get a percentage change of any value (negative or positive).

How to calculate the percentage change?

You have two options to calculate the change (Online percent change calculator or manual method). Change means something increase of decrease. You can also measure the change from percentage increase calculator and percentage decrease converter.

How do you calculate percent change before and after?

You can calculate the change with the help of the formula by inserting the before and after values.

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