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Introduction to the Antilog Calculator

An antilog formula calculator is an online tool that can compute the antilog of a log value of a number. It applies the inverse log formula to the given log value of a function. It finds the antilog of a number with the base 2, and e.

In mathematics, we mainly use logarithm and antilogarithm to solve many problems. You can use a logarithm table for this. Sometimes finding logarithm and antilogarithm with a table is difficult because you may forget to see any entry in the common log table. We introduce a tool that can help you find the antilog of a number quickly.

Formula used by Antilog Online Calculator

The term antilog is the inverse process of finding the logarithm of the same number. Consider x is the log of a number as:

$$ x \;=\; y $$

Then the antilog of x will be calculated by applying antilog on both sides.

$$ antilog \;x \;=\; antilog(y) \;=\; log^{-1} (y) $$ $$ antilog \;x \;=\; y $$

Where b is the base of log.

The antilog solver applies this formula to find antilog of a log value of a number.

How to use an Antilogarithm Calculator?

The easiest way to find the antilog and log is by using a tool such as a calculator. Since the antilog calculator is an online tool, you can use it by following the given steps:

  1. In the first step, you need to enter the log value of the number in the “Number” box.
  2. You can also use the “Load Example” option.
  3. Click on the “Calculate” button.

You will get the antilog of the given number within a few seconds after using the calculate button.

Benefits of using Antilog Formula Calculator with steps

Since you are familiar with the concept of the logarithm, the antilog is the inverse of the log. Antilog can be found by applying inverse log on the log value of a number. We usually do this with the use of a table book. But it is a time-consuming and tricky method. You can find the antilog with the help of an antilog solver online because it has many beneficial uses.

Some benefits of this tool are:

  1. You will never be confused with the mantissa and the decimal point using an antilog calculator.
  2. Antilogarithm calculator can also handle negative log values efficiently.
  3. It provides the result faster than calculating the antilog by hand.
  4. Antilog of negative number gives the antilog of a number with the base values 2, 10 and e.
  5. If you want to calculate the logarithm of a number first, you can also use the Log Calculator because this website also offers many other tools.

How to Calculate the Antilog of a Negative Number?

The antilog of a negative number is the same as the antilog of a positive number. The difference is that the negative sign indicates the zeros before the nonzero values after the decimal point. For example,

$$ x \;=\; -2.6040 $$

We have to find the antilog of x, can be found as:

$$ y \;=\; antilog \;x \;=\; antilog(-2.6040) $$

The mantissa is .2489. The number -2 indicates the number of zeros after the decimal point. So,

$$ y \;=\; 0.002489 $$

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