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Introduction to Factorial Calculator Online

The factorial calculator with steps is free online application software that allows the user to find the factorial of a number without doing its manual calculations. It multiplies all the whole numbers from the chosen number to 1. It follows the multiplications to first n numbers.

Factorial is a beneficial method for many mathematical problems. This concept is helpful for problems regarding probability and series in calculus. It is not a difficult concept, but you may forget to multiply a term in manual computation. So that’s why we introduce a tool online that can quickly compute the factorial of a number.

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Formula used by factorial function calculator

Factorial of a number is the function that multiplies the given number by every number blown. Symbolically, factorial is represented by the sign “!”. It is essential for combinations and permutations.

The factorial of n is denoted as:

n! = n×(n-1)×(n-2)×(n-3)×……3×2×1

Or it can be also written as:

n! = n×n-1!

It means the factorial of any number is multiplied by the factorial of the previous number. The factorial sequence calculator uses this formula to calculate the sequence of any number given to it.

For example:

To calculate the factorial of 7 we will use the following steps:

7! = 7×6×5×4×3×2×1

Or in the form of factorial of smaller number,

7! = 7×6!

The result is.

7! = 5040

It is very useful when we are trying to count how many ways there are to arrange different objects. Another example given by:

Example: How many ways are there to arrange 6 books in a bookshelf?

There are two methods to find the ways of arranging 6 books. One is, arrange the 6 books and record the arrangement and then rearrange the books again and record the new order and so on.

The other way to find total arrangements is using a factorial formula that is more helpful. So,

6! = 6×5×4×3×2×1
6! = 6×5!
6! = 720

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How to use a factorial notation calculator?

Follow these steps to use this tool online.

  1. Open the factorial calculator from the website
  2. Write the number in the “number” box.
  3. Click on the “calculate” button.

The tool will give the result quickly. If you want to calculate factorial again then click on the calculate again button.

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Benefits of using factorial expression calculator:

Factorial is an essential concept in mathematics because it is used for the exponential function in power series. It also has many algebras, number theory, probability theory, and computer science applications.

The significant benefit of using factorial calculator combinations is the best and most intelligent way to compute factorials and combinations. Some other benefits are given by:

  1. It is accessible online application software that provides you a tool to compute factorials. It also provides you with many other tools related to math.
  2. It saves your time from doing calculations by hand.
  3. It executes the given number quickly and shows the result within a few moments.
  4. It has a unique and straightforward interface which makes it more reliable.


Why is the factorial of 0 1?

The term factorial means the number of ways of arrangement of any number of objects. So for the number zero, there is only one way to put it in an arrangement. That’s why 0!=1.

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