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Introduction to Permutation & Combination Calculator

A permutation is an ordered arrangement of sample data or sample points that are used in statistical analysis. The combination is an unordered collection of a data set that is not repeated.

This combination and permutation calculator gives you the answer of both simultaneously. You can calculate combination and permutation step by step by using our distinguishable permutations calculator and linear combination calculator.

This online permutation and combination calculator tool conducts the computation more quickly and shows the total number of potential combinations in a fraction of a second, saving you time and money.

Permutation and Combination Calculator

Combination and permutation calculator is an online available tool used to compute the permutation and combination for a given number of data sets. It calculates the values of combinations and permutations simultaneously with a single input.

Calculate permutations and combinations using the Permutation and Combination Calculator for a specified number of trials. Using the combined calculator you don’t have to look for separate calculations for permutations and combinations.

Moreover, if you need only individual values of either permutations or combinations, you can use separate calculators. The permutation calculator, as well as the combination calculator, are also available separately on this site.

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Difference between Permutation and Combination

Permutations and Combinations are counting concepts that determine the number of possible outcomes in a scenario. Permutations are used to arrange things in a certain order.

Combinations are used to determine the number of potential groups when the order is irrelevant. Permutations are used for various groups of things, whereas combinations are used for the thing belonging to the same group.

Permutation and Combination Formulas

The formula used for permutations is also known as the nPr formula. Because nPr indicates, there are n unique points permutated r times. As in permutations, the number of things ordered cannot exceed the number available.

There are n! (n factorial) permutations of the n numbers in the data set. The r-permutation of n symbols is a permutation of the r numbers. Therefore, the different number of r permutations for the total number of n values are given as n!/(n - r)!. There are nPr permutations and determined using the formula

nPr = n!/(n - r)!

In a similar way, the combination formula is known as the nCr formula. As aforementioned, the order does not important when picking items or symbols from a bigger group or data collection during combination calculation. Therefore, the nCr formula is interpreted as given below. In nCr formula, each r combination has r! possible arrangements. This implies the r-permutations equal r combinations for the r! times.

nCr = n!/(r!(n - r)!)

Significance of Permutation and Combination Calculator

The Combination and permutation calculator is an effective, assistive and easy-to-use tool that helps in many different ways. While providing results of permutation and combination values it is the first choice of users due to several different benefits. The major significances this calculator gives during calculations include the following.

Easy to Use

The permutation and combination calculator is an easy-to-operate tool that requires no installation or specific commands. All you have to do is give inputs and both calculations would be provided to you with the steps involved.

Free of Cost

The online permutation and combination calculator is a non-premium tool. In order to access the tool, you need to pay no subscription charges. With its free usage, you can calculate permutations and combinations as many times as you require.


The online calculator for finding the values of permutations and combinations is a rapid tool. Within a blink of an eye, the calculator displays the results while also providing you with the calculation steps.

Two in One

Instead of looking for two separate tools for finding the solution to your permutation and combination problems. With the aid of permutation and combination calculator, both calculations are obtained with a single click.

How to Use Permutation and Combination Calculator

Open Calculator

After redirecting to the Calculatores website, find the permutation and combination calculator. This tool will be available in Mathematics calculators and is the best tool for calculating permutation and combination in one go.

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Give Inputs

This calculator is a two-step procedure to determine your calculations and steps involved. The first step involves giving inputs. Therefore provided the inputs of the “n” and “r” values.

Get Output

After entering the inputs to the permutation calculator same as well as combination calculator, now it’s time to get outputs in return. By simply clicking the “Calculate” option, the calculator will provide you with the results along with all the steps taken during calculation.

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Explain the difference between permutations and combinations.

In mathematics, the difference between a combination and a permutation has everything to do with the order or sequence in which things occur. Rather than placing emphasis on the order in which items are chosen, a combination concentrates on the selection of objects. A permutation, on the other hand, is concerned with the arrangement of things in relation to the order in which they are placed, rather than the objects themselves.

How can I calculate permutations and combinations in a single click?

With the assistance of the permutation and combination calculator, both combinatorics values can be calculated collectively. Using the calculator the resultant values for permutations and combinations are determined with a single click.

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