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Introduction to Pool Turnover Rate Calculator

A gpm calculator is an online tool used to calculate the time taken for all of the water in your pool to be circulated through the filter pump. In other words, it calculates the pool flow rate per hour. It uses the PFR formula to calculate water flow in the pool.

The pool turnover rate is necessary to calculate because it helps to gain proper water circulation in the pool. You can maintain a healthy environment by calculating the pool turnover rate. We introduce a tool that can help you maintain a healthy environment in your pool to get the proper circulation of the water.

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Formula used by Swimming Pool Flow Rate Calculator

The pool turnover rate refers to the amount of time the water takes to be circulated through the pump. A good pool turnover rate helps the pool sanitation system, filter, and chemical additives function properly. The pool turnover rate calculator uses the following formula to calculate the turnover rate of the pool per hour,

$$ PFR\;=\; \frac{G}{TR} $$


PFR = is the Pool Flow Rate (gallons/minute/GPM)

G = is the size of the pool in gallons

TR = is the Turnover Rate of the pool in minute

How is the Pool Turnover Rate Calculated?

The pool turnover rate is calculated by the following formula:

$$ Pool Flow Rate \;=\; \frac{Gallons}{Turnover \;Rate \;per \;Minute} $$

How to Calculate Your Pool Turnover Rate?

You can easily use this tool to calculate pool turnover rate and pool water flow rate using by the following steps:

  1. In the first step, you need to enter the pool size in gallons in the “Pool Size (gallons)” box.
  2. Now enter the turnover rate per minute in the “Turnover Rate (minute)” box.
  3. Click on the calculate button.

You will get the answer within a minute after clicking the calculate button.

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Why use a Pool Pump Turnover Rate Calculator?

Since the swimming pool water is very effective on human health and for the water pump in the pool. Therefore, the pool system will work better only if the water circulation is proper. The water circulation helps to create a good environment in the swimming pool. So, the pool turnover rate is important to calculate to maintain the proper water circulation in the pool.

You can easily calculate the pool turnover rate using gpm calculator again and again until the proper circulation is approached. That’s why you need to use this tool.

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Benefits of using Gallon per Minute Calculator

The pool turnover rate helps maintain a good environment and work the swimming pool components correctly. It would be more beneficial for you if you used the turnover rate calculator to approach the proper water circulation in the pool. It is because this gpm calculator has a lot of benefits. Some of these are:

  1. Swimming pool turnover rate calculator can save you time to calculate the turnover rate again and again.
  2. You can approach the results with just one click to know the pool water flow rate.
  3. Pool pump flow rate calculator is a free online tool, and you don’t have to pay anything.
  4. Pool flow rate calculator has a simple and unique interface that makes it easy to use to calculate the pool pump turnover rate.
  5. If you are new at, you can use our load example option for the trial to calculate pool turnover rate.
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