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Introduction to Dilation Calculator

The dilations calculator is an online tool that can reduce the size without changing its shape. Scale factor calculator can transform any two or three-dimensional shape into a smaller or larger body. It takes the two or three points and a dilation point as an input and converts the shape's coordinates according to the dilation point.

In geometry, the dilation of any object is an essential concept because it is used to increase or decrease the size of any shape without changing its geometrical shape. We provide center of dilation calculator that would be helpful for you to dilate any form.

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How Do You Calculate Dilation?

A significant transformation in the size of an image without changing its shape is known as dilation. It can be done by multiplying the dilation point to the every coordinate point of the shape.

For example if you want to calculate dilation of a right triangle with a dilation point 3 as shown in figure.

The coordinates of the triangle before dilations are:

$$ A \;=\; (1,1) \;,\; B \;=\; (3,1) \;,\; C \;=\; (1,3) $$

To calculate the dilations with scale factor 3, the new coordinates of the triangle will be:

$$ A' \;=\; (3,3) \;,\; B' \;=\; (9,3 0 \;,\; C' \;=\; (3,9) $$

By using these points, you can draw a new triangle and you can see that the size of the triangle is increased without changing its shape.

The above same formula is used by the scale factor dilation calculator to transform any two or three dimensional shape.

How to find center of dilation calculator triangle?

It is simple and easy to find this dilation scale factor calculator. You can find this tool by doing a Google Search. Or, you can access it directly from calculatores.

If you want to search on Google, type dilation of a point calculator. You can click on Google resutls to open this page.

Or, open this website and find this dilation coordinate calculator among others to use it free online.

How to use a Dilation Scale Factor Calculator?

It is easy to transform any shape using dilation of 1/2 calculator. You need to enter the scale factor and the coordinates of the form to find the centre of dilation. Follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, you have to select the number of input values. If you want to dilate a 2D shape, assign 2 points and for a 3D shape, choose 3.
  2. Enter the points according to the dimension of the shape.
  3. Enter the dilation point in the dilation box.
  4. Click on the calculate button.

The shape's coordinates will dilate within a minute after clicking the button on scale factor and center of dilation calculator.

Why use scale factor of Dilation Calculator with Coordinates?

In geometry, the dilation is essential for transforming different shapes like triangles, rectangles, circles etc. The primary purpose of dilation is to expand a body with a point so that you can understand the geometry of the shape. You can use our dilation tool; that would be more helpful than the manual calculation.

Benefits of using Scale Factor Calculator

Since geometry is an essential concept in mathematics because it explains many problems geometrically. A dilation geometry calculator is a tool that can explain the geometry of a shape by using the transformation method. Some other benefits of the dilations calculator are:

  1. Scale factor calculator can save you time by giving you the transformation of a body within a minute.
  2. It is easy to use because it has simple and easy steps.
  3. It is reliable; you can fully trust its results.
  4. It is a free online tool, so you don't have to pay anything.
  5. Scale factor dilation calculator allows you to practice with many examples until the concept is clear.

Other useful tools

There are plenty of other useful tools which you can use to increase your productivity and learning. These tools are:


How to find the centre of dilation?

The centre of dilation can be calculated by using the following formula:

$$ x_o \;=\; \left( \frac{kx_1 \;-\; x_2}{k-1} \right) \;,\; y_o \;=\; \left( \frac{ky_1 \;-\; y_2}{k-1} \right) $$

Where k is the scale factor of dilation and (xo,yo) is the centre of the dilation.

What is the scale factor of the dilation?

The scale factor of the dilation is the value of dilation by which you want to increase or decrease the size of a shape.

Is triangle dilation calculator accurate?

Yes, dilation of a point calculator is accurate and you can calculate scalar factor of a triangle with complete accuracy.

Does dilation scale factor calculator triangle provide steps?

Yes, dilation of 1/3 calculator provide you step by step complete solution. So, you can learn and practice by using this dilation geometry calculator with steps free.

Should students use dilation calculator with coordinates?

Yes, this dilation factor calculator is specially made for students. You can give your inputs multiple times and learn scalar dilations from here.

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