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Introduction to Area of A Sector Calculator

A sector calculator is an online tool that calculates the area of a sector of a circle. In other words, it is a tool that may help find the area of a portion of a circle. It calculates the area in degree but also in radian. It uses the measure of angle and radius as an input. If you take a large angle, the area of the sector will also be significant.

In geometry, a circle is the most common shape, so measuring the radius and area of a sector is essential. Because these measurements help determine its geometrical properties, you calculate the area of a sector in degree and radian, but manually it may be timing consuming. So we introduce a tool online that works quickly.

What is the Sector Calculator

It is a free online tool designed to measure the area of a small portion of a sector of a circle. It uses radius and angle between the line segment and radius as an input. It provides you the area in radian and degree so that the user may understand its concept and the difference between the measurements in degree and radian.

How to calculate the area of a sector using Sector Calculator

The measure of area of a sector with this tool is very easy because of its simple steps. Follow these steps to find the sector area:

  1. In the first step, enter the value of angle in the “Angle” box.
  2. Now give the value of radius in the “Radius” box.
  3. Click on the “Calculate” button.
  4. After clicking on the calculate button, the area of a sector calculator with steps will start giving results within a few seconds. If you want to calculate again, you can use the calculate again button.

Formula used by Minor Sector Calculator

The area of a sector is the measure of the area of a small portion or a sector like a pizza slice. You can compute it using the radius of the circle. The sector calculator uses the following two formulas to find the area.

The formula of area of a sector in terms of pi is given by:

$$ Area \;of \;a \;sector \;=\; \frac {\emptyset}{360^o} \;×\; \pi r^2 $$

Where θ is measured in degree.

The formula to measure in radian is given as:

$$ Area \;of \;a \;sector \;=\; \frac{1}{2} \;×\; r^2 θ $$

Where θ is measured in radian.

Benefits of using Circular Sector Area Calculator

In geometry, we use different formulas to describe the geometrical properties of different shapes. These formulas solve many structural-based problems. The use of an online tool is beneficial for this purpose.

Some of the main advantages of using this tool online are:

  1. It saves from manually tricky calculations and solves the different examples quickly.
  2. It is essential for educational use because it improves a student's performance in learning mathematics.
  3. More practice can make the concept clear in mathematics is a famous quote. The minor calculator allows you to practice more.
  4. You can reach your goal of learning geometry using this tool.
  5. Area of a Sector Calculator is a free online tool; you don’t need to pay any fee.
  6. An area calculator is an efficient tool because it solves the problem quickly.


How do you find the area of a sector of a circle?

You can find the area of a sector of a circle using two different formulas. First is in the terms of pi and the second one is in the term of radian. These formulas are:

$$ \frac{\emptyset}{360^o} \;×\; \pi r^2 \;(in \;degree) $$

And the other one is:

$$ Area \;of \;a \;sector \;=\; \frac{1}{2} \;×\; r^2 \emptyset (in \;radian) $$

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