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Introduction to the Slope Calculator

It is an online tool used to find the slope of a line using its starting and ending points. It uses the slope formula to calculate the slope. It is used to find the ratio of increase in y as the increase in x.

In geometry, we mostly find the slope of a line to calculate the change in the vertical axis with respect to the horizontal. It is the most common concept. You can use a slope from two points calculator to easily calculate the slope of a line without doing any manual calculations. So here we introduce an online tool that can find the slope of a line.

Formula used by Slope Equation Calculator

The slope of a line can be calculated by using following formula:

$$ m \;=\; \frac{y_2 \;-\; y_1}{x_2 \;-\; x_1} $$

Where m denotes the slope and

$$ (x_1 \;,\; y_1) \;=\; coordinates \;of \;the \;first \;point \;in \;the \;line. $$ $$ (x_2 \;,\; y_2) \;=\; coordinates \;of \;the \;second \;point \;in \;the \;line. $$

This formula is used by the calculator to find the solution of different examples.

How to use Slope Formula Calculator

This tool is the simplest and easy way to find the slope. Follow these steps to use it:

  1. Before using this tool, you need to know how to find the tool's website. For this search on google, there will be a list of tools available.
  2. Select the slope calculator.
  3. Now write the x and y coordinates of both the first and endpoint of the line.
  4. Click on the calculate button to start the evaluation. You will get the answer after a few seconds.

Why use Slope Finder Online?

In geometry, the slope refers to the formula used to calculate the steepness of a line to see how much it is inclined. So we mostly discuss the behavior of lines using this formula. But calculating slope using an online tool is a more efficient way.

When you are calculating the slope many times, it is possible to use the wrong formula or skip any line point. The results in wrong calculations. That's why you need to use a point slope equation calculator that can easily and accurately calculate slope.

Benefits of using the Slope from Two Points Calculator

As we discussed, the slope finder helps you find the slope of a line using the slope formula. Now here we discuss how many beneficial uses are of this tool.

  1. A Slope calculator with steps can make your calculations easier in geometry.
  2. It can save time that is surfed in the manual calculation.
  3. Slope equation calculator can be used to solve many real-life problems based on geometry.
  4. It is easy to use because of its simple steps.
  5. It can be used to find the change in the y coordinate with respect to the x coordinate.
  6. You can use this tool free of cost because there is no subscription plan.
  7. It is helpful to improve your mathematical skills.
  8. Slope calculator gives the result in radian also.


What is the use of the slope formula?

The slope formula is used to calculate the change in the coordinates of a line. It calculates the increase or decrease in the y coordinate with respect to the increase or decrease in the x coordinate.

Can you find the equation of a line using the slope formula?

Yes! You can find the equation of a line using slope. The formula to find the equation of a line is:

y = mx + c

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