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What is Diamond Math Problem?


The diamond math problem is a analytical technique that develop analytical skills in beginners. This guide will help you to understand how diamond math problem is used to solve mathematical problems.


The diamond problems are those practice problems with a specific addition and multiplication of two same numbers. It is a skill-developing technique that enables students to relate two numbers' multiplication with their sum. It is an essential technique mostly used in calculus and algebra that helps create product and sum from a set of two same numbers.

what is diamond math problem definitation

The diamond problems are also referred to as diamond maths. In this technique, two numbers are written at the top and bottom, while the left and right sides are left empty. These sides are to be filled by students with their skill of creating sum and product using two same numbers. See the following figure.

Rule of Diamond Maths Problem

There are some simple and easy rules for doing diamond problems.

  • Place the two numbers in the top and bottom cells.
  • The sum is written in the top cell when the numbers are added.
  • The product is written in the bottom cell when the numbers are multiplied.
  • Fill the left and side cells by finding the two numbers that give the same sum and product.

The online Diamond Problem Solver also follow the same rules and provides the answer with a few seconds.

How is the Diamond Problem Used?

The diamond problem is used by following the above rules. These rules help to solve different problems. For example, it helps to find the roots of a quadratic equation. This method is like solving a puzzle, which makes it interesting for students to develop different skills.

Let’s see the following examples to solve a problem using diamond maths.

Diamond Problem Math Example

To find the factors of 2x2 + 5x + 3 = 0, we will use the diamond problem.

By using the FOIL method, we have the sum and product of two numbers.

Sum = 5

Product = 6

how is the diamond problem used

So, the two numbers are 2 and 3.

Hence, by given equation

2x2 + 2x + 3x + 3 = 0

2x (x + 1) + 3 (x + 1) = 0

(x + 1) (2x + 3) = 0

The solution of x is

x = { -1 , ( -3 ) / 2 }

We can solve many algebraic problems by using diamond problems.

Diamond Problem Math Advantages

Diamond problem maths helps to solve many algebraic and calculus problems. It has the following advantage in learning maths techniques.

  • It develops skills in students that enable them to understand how to find the two numbers using sum and product.
  • It helps to find the roots of quadratic equations quickly.
  • It helps to understand the nature of problems.
  • It is key to learn the basics of mathematics that help beginners.


How to do a Diamond Problem in Maths?

In mathematics, the diamond problem is used to solve many algebraic problems. It is done using the sum and product of the set of two same numbers.

What are diamond problems used for?

The diamond math problem is a technique of solving mathematical problems with analytical skills. It enables students to focus on their problem solving skills.

What is Diamond Maths?

It is a skill-developing, problem-solving technique teachers often use to make the students understand maths easily. In diamond maths, the two numbers are written in the shape of the polygon's top and bottom cells, and the other two are left empty to be filled by students.